Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A Dabble In MUA

The buzz in the Beauty community about the makeup brand MUA just keeps humming like a swarm of bees

Unfortunately I do not have a decent Superdrug nearby and before my MUA Online binge I only owned the Immaculate Collection Pallette, and the Heaven And Earth Palette (an overly documented Urban Decay Naked Palette comparable)...both of which have been overly publicised myself included.

So when the MUA Website came into existence the mound of great reviews Ive read it really wasn't going to take much to make me part with my money.
The websites brilliant and they offer PayPal payment
(which is always a bonus as I can never find my purse)
shipping is super quick.

Shopping online on the MUA website is similar to shopping in Primark or ELF
It seems no matter what you wack in the basket the price is never going to give you a pinch. Which I always like.

And Guess only cost me just over a tenner!

What I got:
Lipstick in Shades 3 (pink), 13, (red) and 14 (peachy nude)
I think what has impressed me the most is the pigmentation of these lipsticks. I was always under the impression that to get bright colours you had to invest money in lip products. MUA are really pushing my boundaries on that belief.
The packaging is relatively simple but for £1 they've exceeded my expectation!

MUA Matt EyeShadow 17
MUA extreme felt eyeliner
MUA and LoveHearts Sweet Kiss Lip Balm
MUA Siren Lashes

A combination I have been absolutely loving are Shade 14 and Sweet Kiss Lip Balm.
Sweet Kiss lip balm gives my lips a smooth texture and Ive been adding the lipstick for an extra hint of colour. This shade is showing up a lot more ORANGE than in real life. I think this shade is closer to MACs Creme De Nude....but a little more peachy and wearable.
The texture of the lipstick is creamy and not at all drying on its own which is always a bonus!

MUA Extereme felt Eyeliner- £2
A product getting a lot of positive feedback is MUAs Extreme felt eyeliner.
I am very impressed with this product.
When eyeliners concerned I have a hand as steady as an old lady and gel eyeliner is out of the question because I end up looking like an Amy Winehouse impersonator.

The tip of this felt is really brilliant in aiding for precision when applying eyeliner.
Ive compared it to Loreal carbon gloss because its got a lot of respect in the blogging community and at £6.49 a pop I do feel a little ill when purchasing a new one and I think this is a much cheaper alternative.

The only criticism I can make is the Loreal carbon gloss is a lot more wet.
It has a ball inside so that when it dries out you can give it a shake wheas I think the MUA felt eyeliner would dry out a lot quicker.
In all honestly though you cant even buy a sandwhich for £2 anymore, on the whole its a great product and I'm glad to have purchased it- I actually use both liners together!

MUA Siren Lashes- £2
I have to admit I a bit of a lashes snob. I point blank refuse to pay lots of money for something Ill get 2 wears out of max and I tend to hoard my lashes from China or Hong Kong for very little expense.
But who could resist these bad ass lashes!?
I am out dressed as Ariel the mermaid in a weeks time and I think these will fit the bill perfectly!


  1. Fab post! I <3 MUA! I will definitely try out the lipsticks now as I was a bit skeptical. Handy hint ... use your own glue with the lashes as the glue they come with isn't the best. I have the same pair and I think because of the thickness they need something a little stronger.



  2. I love MUA but my local superdrug hardly ever has anything left when I go in :-(

    Holli x

  3. I really need to check out the MUA lashes! I'm the same with lashes, i LOVE Red Cherry ones because they are SO cheap. I managed to get a ton for about $1.20 a pair in a BFTE sale :)

  4. I did not know MUA do lashes =) need to pick some up myself now

  5. those lashes look great! x

  6. Keep meaning to pick up the lashes to try, I love the love heart lip balms!
    So good for the price, I've ditched the naked palette this week for heaven and earth again!


  7. I read of MUA in every blog I follow. It makes me sorry we don`t have it here so I could try some.=(((( And yes, those lashes look great!!!

  8. Bargain x These products look fab - just found your blog its great, Im your newest follower - you may want to check out my fantastic 450 Nars giveaway x The winner will receive £50 of Nars products of their choice xx Hopefully see you soon over at my blog xxx

  9. Woahh. you got some fab make up! The sweet kiss lip balm is soo cute and the eyeliners look really good! I might have to go and buy some!! hehe. thanks for the comment on my blog- course i don't mind :D
    Lucy xxx

  10. I love the look of the lip balm!!!

  11. Wow those lashes look fantastic. I have 4 of the lip balms and I love them, the love heart nail polishes are fantastic too.