Saturday, 14 April 2012

Todays The Day-:A White Girls Weave- The Removal

I have had European extensions for three years now.
To say I have over-relied on them is an understatement.

My natural hair is thick and wavy.
As a teen I had short layers put into my hair.
This was a HUGE mistake and even when straightened they looked terrible.

Having had my extensions for three years and avoiding the hairdressers like the plague after a hairdresser cut my extensions to the same length as my own bloody hair my hair has had a massive rest and is just over my shoulders with only two very long layers.

Ive decided to have them out.
There are several reasons why, but one major factor is the price.
To put it short I paid £180 for a new set of wefts and pay £40 to have my weave re-sewn every other month.
A year its eye-watering.

I'm also having an identity struggle.
Is my weave me?
I guess Ive been the girl with the long hair for a long time now and part of me doesn't like that.
I feel like Ive had a really good run with my weave.
I also want to undertake a colour change.
Theres some hairstyles I cant do because of the weight and thickness of my wefts.

Theres positives and theres negatives to having a weave:

  • A weave adds thickness and length (durr)
  • If colour matched correctly they can look very natural
  • You can swim with a weave- no bond melting going on with these bad boys
  • They are chemically treated to sit into the shape you place them in.
  • They make a fab bit bun.
  • You can get away with a quick brush of them of a morning.
  • They give you confidence- a comfort blanket even 
  • They are fastened to your head- no hanging them up in the shower business.

  • They cost a lot of money
  • They are lots of high maintenance
  • They are addictive
  • Drying time till take you a good 20-30minutes so theres a lot of pre preparation involved.
  • Their heavy.
  • They are uncomfortable when they are re-sewn
  • Your confined to the colour of your extensions (some exceptions here)

I don't know how long this weave-less-ness will last.
I'm really hoping to rekindle a love for my natural hair but any woman would say such love is a very difficult thing to establish.

If your thinking of getting a weave and can afford it I highly recommend it.
Trust me though it'll get you hooked! 

Have you ever considered a weave?


  1. Ah, I've wanted to have one done for about a year now but the price stops me. Considering it though when I'm working fulltime and have that kind of cash to spare! Interesting post though, didn't know you need them re-sewn, do the extentions last well enough to do this? :)

    1. You have a braid and the hair is sewn into it, as the braid grows out the weave becomes loose so you have to go back and have it tightened. I find mine would last about 9-12 months, they thin over time and they leave you longing for the thickness again. Thanks for your comment glad you found it interesting :) xxx

  2. Ah I always thought that weaves were a bit...i dunno, i guess i never trusted them for all the reasons listed in your negatives but actually I have changed ma mind on them :) You look lovely xx

    1. Glad I could chnage your mind, I can assure you their much more reliable than clip ins I guess the cost is reflected in that though :/ Thank you! xx

  3. I wish I had naturally thick and bouncy hair, a weave sounds appealing to get that look but I can't be doing with high maintenance hair! x

    1. Ive got a friend whos recently also got a wig and I think the maintenance has been a shock to her. Maybe something to consider for the future :) xx

  4. Oh don't get me started on weaves, I could write an essay on them! I know exactly how you feel concerning the whole identity thing, I normally have a weave 24/7 so my hair can have a rest and grow etc (I have afro hair and don't like straightening it often so weaves help), so once I take them out I feel naked!... you pay A LOT for your hair, is it a certain type because I'm almost 100% sure you can find it cheaper if you're just buying it in wefts/ tracks... I don't pay more than £60 for my hair altogether..I'll be doing a post soon on hair/ weaves so you can check it out if you like x

    1. Haha me and you could probably talk weaves all day then! I think mine are expensive because their European 24" also I live in a fairly rural area so weaves are an unusual thing to come by. Id be really interetested in reading that. Ill have to find you on twitter! xxx

  5. I've always wanted a weave but never got around to doing it, plus I am a student so not much fundage ready for all that!!
    P.s you are very beautiful!!!! Xxx

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. Im also a student but I live at home so work on the side, I would love to learn how to put in weaves though would save me a lot of money and its a pretty lucrative little skill to have. Maybe when your in a big girl job....(im looking for one of those at the moment!) xxx

  6. omg! your extensions are gorgeous! You look stunning in this picture! I've been debating on what clip-in extensions to get cause like Hannah, Im a student and don't have that kind of money! haha...I'm deciding between Foxy and Luxy extensions...which of those do you recommend?? xoxox

  7. I realy considered getting hair extensions but alas like most decided against it because of the price! I wear clip in extensions for nights out etc, which work great to give my hair slightly more length (my hair is long anyway) but I wear them mainly to give myself abit of volume as my hair is sooooo thin and fly away :(
    I love long hair and wish mine would grow quicker and longer, yours looks great

  8. I am getting some tracks put in today, my first time ever. I am really excited, and nervous as well. Your hair looks gorgeous though and now I don't feel so nervous. My main concern is being able to see where the top part is sewn in thru my hair.

  9. Ive had weave, bonds, glue-in's and clip-in's and a good weave is definitely the best / easiest / cheapest / quickest option but I agree also with all your good & bad points. I had a weave in for about 6 months then got the 'bond bug' and had bonded extensions for 2 years. I gave my hair a rest every few months but found in no little than 6 or 8 weeks i'd be sitting in the salon again having them re-done. Bonds are SO expensive and so so so hard to maintain .. all the prep and care you need to take is painful but definitely worth it. A weave tends to be the more convenient and most popular option and after they have been removed it feels so good to be able to give your hair a good scrub and comb through .. although I feel your pain of no weave and I won't blame you if you go back to the weft in a matter of weeks!
    Emma Lou

  10. hey i know this is an old one, but i'm looking at getting a full head weave!!! i shaved my head for charity in december and get married in 7 weeks, so my hair is pretty short and i want long hair for MY (lol) day!!

    where did you get your hair?? did you get straight or body wave?? i'm getting mine from hairtrade and i'm hoping they're as good as i hear they are!!

    EEEEEKKKK!!! exciting!!

  11. where did you get your weave from??? i need to no asap!!!

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  13. Do you keep hair out on top or get a closure?

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