Monday, 17 September 2012

Quest for a Chanel Pro Lumiere Dupe

My absolute favourite foundation ever is Chanel Pro Lumiere.
I love it because of its medium coverage, its durability, its luxurious packaging and the glowy finish it gives my face.

So when this product was discontinued....and of course I neared the end of the bottle this kick started my one woman mission to find a worthy dupe. If ever any favourite bloggers or YouTubers have mentioned a foundation as a comparable I have either purchased or avidly read into the matter further.

So here is what I have found:

Clinique Even Better Foundation:
Coverage: Medium but buildable
Texture. This foundation is much more water based and comes out runny from the bottle but blends very well with a Real Techniques brush.
Finish:  I really like the finish of this foundation. Its glowy without any hint of greasy or shiny.
Durability: Although glowy and dewy I find that this foundation doesn't have the same durability as the Chanel Pro Lumiere. Although powdering through the day may help in prolonging the finish of this foundation.

I am colour 04 Cream Chamois.
This foundation is £22 for 30ml

Verdict: This was a purchase spurred on by reading other blogs. When I saw the release of this foundation I was really excited- I was in the epitome of my "glowy dewy" look phase and this seemed to fit the bill perfectly. I was matched to my fake tanned self but still find the colour match a little on the orangey side. At first I wasn't sure what to make of the watery consistency but had no problems making it work. I do think the finish of this foundation is a worthy comparable to the Chanel Pro Lumiere but disappointingly it doesn't last as well as I would hope. I'm coming to the end of this foundation after a good 8 months use and in two minds over whether to repurchase.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
Coverage: Light but buildable
Texture: Similar consistency to the Pro Lumiere, much thicker than the Clinique Even Better foundation.
Finish: Beautifully glowy and dewy
Durability: Very low, its disappointing.

I am shade 200 in Soft Beige
This foundation is a wonderful £5.99 for 30ml.

Verdict: I openly love this foundation. Unlike some other bloggers that have reviewed this product I love that its scented. For a drugstore product I am really impressed with the finish it gives my face first thing in the morning. Unfortunately this doesn't last as long as I would hope for. Recently I have been mixing this foundation with my Dior Diorskin Nude Foundation and have since had better durability results, and achieved the same luminosity (top blogger tip). This had allowed me to enjoy this product to its full potential. I know Tanya Burr has proclaimed this as a Chanel dupe and I think this is fully justified. Its such a shame it doesn't last as long as Id like alone. I know Rimmel are extending their "Wake Me Up" line and I'm very interested to what they bring out in the future.

I have spied that Chanel have their Vitalumiere satin Smoothing fluid foundation available at the moment and am incredibly curious to whether its a re-branded Pro Lumiere in disguise. From what I can gather apart from that there are no other comparable available on the Chanel line at present which makes me deeply sad.

If any of you ladies have any Pro Lumiere dupes Id be happy to hear what you've found!

P.S I turn 23 today. I am spending the day leisurely supping tea and catching up on blogs. I have a brilliant joint birthday girls weekend to look forward to, and cannot wait to get glammed up!


  1. Good to know this about the foundations!

    And Happy Birthday!

  2. I hate it when companies discontinue your favourite products :(

    Thank you for some lovely dupes though and Happy Birthday!
    Beauty for Biochemists

  3. ugh I hate discontinuations too, I was so upset when Dior said they were discontinuing their amber diamond! Thank god they changed their minds! You should try the L'Oreal lumi magique foundation :)
    Eleanor x

  4. i definitely will be picking up the rimmel wake me up foundation in the near future, shame about the durability - but for the price i guess there has to be at least one fault!

  5. I've been in the situation where my favourite products have been discontinued, I just sent them an email saying why I liked their product and that they should make it again.



  6. Hi,

    first of all let me just say you have a beautiful blog!!

    Secondly bit of a tip for you, the rimmel product is now available at Bodycare for just £3.99 if you need to stock up!!

    Finally I have followed your blog and would really appreciate it you could check mine out and follow back if you like :)