Friday, 2 March 2012

Giveaway - Japonesque Brushes

Hello ladies- its been a long time since I did a giveaway phew!
I'm really excited about this one because it is of such high quality and I can fully vouch for these products.

It is with great pleasure I have the wonderful opportunity of offering you the chance to be a winner of some Japonesque tools.

Those of you in the blogging community will have seen a fair few Japonesque reviews knocking about before Christmas and this is the opportunity for you to discover for yourself what all this hype is about.
(I mean we all like to be invited to the hype party right?)

Before you enter please take the time to revisit My Japonesque review

Also for your interest (aka not compulsory!) here are some other bloggers' Japonesque reviews:

May I add that the above bloggers are second to none and if they are not familiar to you Japonesque research related or not their other content is certainly worth a peek at.

I have decided to keep the actual tools you will be winning a secret that way I think it makes it much more exciting for the winner however not being too mean I can confirm there are four brushes to win two of which I have reviewed!

The Nitty Gritty:
  • This is an International Giveaway
  • To enter make sure your a follwer via GFC
  • Entries open until 31st March
  • The winner will be announced on the 2nd April
To Enter:
1x entry: Tell me why you deserve to win: Get creative maybe your the equivalent of a cat lady and some brushes will glam your life up, maybe you dog ate your last set of posh brushes. 
-Whatever the entry make it interesting your GFC alone wont do!
Please enter IF non-UK.

2x entry: Follow me on twitter and tweet: "I have just entered @Aspirationsofgl @JAPONESQUE brushes giveaway"
(leave me your twitter username so I can track you)

Remember to leave me a contact of some sort.

The witty and probably slightly mental entries will be entered into and a winner will be selected.

Best Of luck
& a Big Thank You to my followers new and old!


  1. Enter me please, I follow you via GFC as Rachael. I'd love to win because with moving to America I left the majority of my brushes back in the UK so i'm making do with some rubbish cheap ones.

    I also follow you on twitter @lo_ts and tweeted about the giveaway!!

    Contact email -

  2. Great giveaway, id love to enter!
    Id like to win because i currently only own some mini Models Own brushes after my daughter decided to use my nice ones to paint a picture with. I tried rescuing them but it was no good! Pesky kids...
    Gfc: dragon mommy

    Holli x

  3. Enter me please. I followed you via GFC as Imah Ayub or was it dkna_202? either two of them.

    I'd love to win, because I never have a real set of makeup brushes, in my country, they sell a lot of fake Brush Sets from Bobbi Brown or MAC. Somehow, it doesn't lure me in into buying them though they are Grade A Fake, fake is fake right? But still, since I can't find a very good brush set, I decided to buy rubbish brush set that cost me next to nothing, somehow I see them being sold more than I paid for. But anyways, I still need great brushes as Japonesque, because the ones I have is not doing pretty well with every wash. Sigghh..


    my email is

  4. Please enter me :)

    Twitter: @Yasinisi

    I would love to win these brushes because I didn't have a chance to try Japonesque tools yet. To be honest, I've never even heard about it. I'd love to review them on my blog :)

  5. Great giveaway :) I'd love to enter.
    I'd love to win because I don't have any nice brushes > . < I've only ever had ones which my mum buys and then decides she doesn't want after a year or so :P
    I tweeted too :) @cupcakedaisyS
    Tweet :!/cupcakedaisyS/status/175974486355623938

  6. Having a 10 year old brother isn't always the best. He destroyed most of my brushes on a little "experiment" he did! So I'd love to win these!
    I am following on GFC:Olga

  7. I'd love to win as I have a serious addiction to make-up brushes, since having jaw surgery a week ago makeup has been a no-go so my existing makeup brushes are looking rather lonely and neglected and could do with some new fluffy friends to play with :)

    GFC - Becky
    Twitter beckysMABlogs!/BeckysMABBlogs/status/176061115984388096

    Becky x

  8. Wow, that is so cool! I have heard about these and they seem great. Thank you for this opportunity.

    I'd love to win these brushes, because good make-up brushes are hard to come by in my country. They're overpriced & the ones that aren't are of bad quality. It would make my year if I won this.

    GFC: Tamyr
    Twittername: @ThePinkFirm

  9. Hi!
    I follow you via GFC (MsFaby) and Twitter (@fabyav)

    I'd love to win these brushes as being from Down Under (Australia) we always have to wait centuries to get our hands at all the good stuff, and then it's 3 times more expensive than the rest of the world, plus who wouldn't like getting pressies!!

  10. Hi please enter me.. money is really tight at the moment I'm doing anything I can to save up as my mom is ill and I have to do everything. Her birthday is in May (the big 5-0) and I'm trying to source somethings she needs, and make up brushes is definitely part of the pack I want to gather for her. Thank you so much for this giveaway, there's nothing better than helping someone other than yourself <3!

    Following on this, twitter and tweeted @shannonjones_
    email -

  11. I deserve to win because I literally use 3-4 brushes for my entire routine... It would be nice if I could use an actual fluffy blush brush for once and a separate brush for my setting powder. it's not very sanitary the way it is now.
    GFC: Arianne Cruz
    followed/tweeted: @ariannecruz07
    email: cruz042 at

  12. I'd like to win because here, in Poland we don't have such a cool brushes ;D

    gfc: agnieszkazg
    twitter: @agusiazg

    1. I had to change my email from to, so please, if I win, contact me on this new one

  13. I'd love to win simply because those brushes look amazing & I have heard nothing but good things about them :)

    GFC Confessions Of A Makeupaholic

  14. Hiya! I'd love to win as I'm desperate for some tidy make-up brushes. My cruddy set I got on a Groupon deal (d'oh) have all started falling apart after only a few uses so I'm back to sponge applicators (naughty naughty, I know).
    Followed & tweeted in vague hope :)

    twitter - Mollance
    e-mail -

  15. I'm following via GFC and the reason why i think I should win is... well it's funny you should mention dogs eating brushes because mine didn't actually eat them but he's put a huge hole in one of them and he took my full makeup bag outside into the garden along with a Sigma Kabuki brush and a MAC MSF natural and left it out there in the rain. (dog flaps are fab for giving us a lie in in the morning but a nightmare because he does this!!) So in short I would love some Japonesque brushes so that I could cherish them and keep them into a chained down, dog proof container!! (but then again if he did eat them it would be interesting to watch him try and poo out a powder brush!)

    Twitter: @bbutterflyblog


  16. I'm following on GFC & twitter & I tweeted ;) you know the que. My twitter name is @thisdystopia :).
    I'd love to win because I was very silly. I purchased a set of brushes on eBay. I was unable to read the name of the brush set as it was in German, but I convinced myself I desperately need brushes and they LOOKED high end. So I paid out a stomach curdling price for a set of ten brushes. I called my German friend excitedly to tell her what I'd done, expecting cries of 'wow, they are such a good brand!' However, she hadn't heard of them. Ever. When they arrived, they are, to be polite, absolute crap. They shed like nobodies business and I always end up looking like a yeti after using them. The moral of the story? DO YOUR RESEARCH before you buy. OOPS.

    Amy xx
    twitter: @thisdystopia

  17. I had a pretty nice brush set that I really loved but I left in my sister's home during my last visit.. The problem is that she doesn't live in the same country and I don't really know when I see her again.. I knew that she was admiring this brush set when I was making me up so I just told her that it's hers now. She was soooooo happy!!! And I don't regret now I forgot was worth it! I just need another set, that's it :)
    GFC: peniam
    twitter: @Peniamm
    here is the tweet:!/Peniamm/status/182143240441561088
    Thank you!!!

  18. Hi Liz,
    I've recently started following your blog, I found u on Bloglovin! And damnright I'm lovin' your blog! Glad to have come across someone with such a passion for bargain-buys make up like myself! ( I heart my MUA & Collection 2000 retro classics!)
    I'd love to win these gorgeous brushes because I'm hoping it will make my cheapie makeup look even better when applied more professionally; I bought my existing brushes from a car boot sale (perhaps I went a little too far with my 'thriftyness' this time!) so I'm forever picking stray black hairs off my face that have decided they'd rather be attached to my cheek than to the brush where they belong!

    My Twitter is @cassiefairytutu and email is and my blog is
    Take good care, and stay glam! Cassie x

  19. GFC Cica, I am your 400th reader! How nice! But now I have to tell you why I need to win... It's because my dog (you can see her in my pic) actually didn't like the old brushes and some new but not-that-good brushes, and so she decided to use them as a broom and pick up the mess she makes after eating. Some of them she used to wipe her mouth cause she's a bull-mastiff and she has really big mouth! So in order for her to be satisfied with my brushes and the way my makeup looks I really need to have this one!

    I follow on twitter as @cicablogspot, and I have twitted!/cicablogspot/status/183680079501594625

  20. GFC: Nida Moughal
    I would love to win these due to 2 reasons..
    one I have only 4 double ended make-up brushes and it is really difficult to manage with those therefore I need it due to necessity .. and secondly I have never ever tried this brand and I would love to try it out.
    twitter @glittersmitter5
    have tweeted also!!/GlitterSmitter5/status/184577111858745344

  21. Lea

    Well essentially I'm sick of using my beat up brushes. All of mine are very well loved, and washed every other day and although they're my old faithful estee lauders, it's really time for some new ones. My powder brush in particular has been used to much that the blue handle is starting to rub off (yes they are that old, they have the blue handles that estee lauder used to have!).
    Also, almost every brush that I buy, my mother steals! I thought it was supposed to be the other way around but I'm 4 brushes down after this weekends visit alone! You've got to help me! I'm going to visit them for a week over easter and I'm afraid that by the time I get back I'll be out of brushes and she'll be trying to steal my hands too!

    In all honesty, great giveaway, it's very generous of you. <3

    Lea x

  22. Think my gfc is lipstickdreamer? twitter is @lipstickdreamer

    Now I am a cat lady and so no my dog hasnt run off with my brushes but my cat has! He will quite literally climb onto my dresser, picks a brush he likes the look of, then pulls it out with his teeth and bats it about like its a dead animal or something!! So cute but kind of annoying, have to find any brushes I really really care about, he tried to run off with my kabuki!! Grrrr He is currently asleep on my feet... and I love him far too much to be angry at him so new brushes would make me love him that little bit more :D hehe xxx

  23. I'm a dog lady, but this has nothing to do with why I deserve to win these brushes.
    So, the reasons are:
    1.2 of my brushes went missing when someone robbed me from my bag. They were in there. I hope they're happy somewhere now.
    2.1 of my brushes fell apart. I was just there applying my foundation, and the part with the bristles fell off.
    3.1 of my brushes was used at a lab experiment. Or to clean up after it. My professor's idea. Here's how it went: prof:"Ria, do you have a brush?" me:"Ya, here you go" (I handed him my travel kabuki, that replaced the 2 gone with the bag-don't even ask why it didn't seem weird that HE was asking for a brush- don't know what I'm thinking at times). And then he cleaned up some chemicals on the bench.
    4.I'm left with 1 brush. I use it for eyeshadow/eyebrows/eyeliner (it's the Elf eyeshadow brush). I'll be having a gradation ceremony soon. My makeup has to be perfect. Now, as much as I love the one I'm left with, a)something tells me it's not enough and b)something else tells me something bad's gonna happen to it soon.
    5.Do you need a no.5? :p
    happy day! :D

  24. Hiya!! I would love to win this genourous give away because all my brushes have fallen apart and I am having to use scratchy poundlound makeup brushes at the moment. They shed A LOT and infact, I stepppd out of the house and went to work when one of my work mates stopped to look at me, then she said "amelia, theres a hair on your face." CRINGE! There was a massive hair from one of my brushes on my face! CRINGEEE!!
    I hope you have a lovely day!!
    Amelia xxxx