Monday, 12 March 2012

Beauty Essentials- Current Favourites

Hey ladies!
Today I thought Id write about my everyday beauty favourites- threres some familiar products in there and perhaps some you may not have tried.

Stila Brow Kit In Dark- I bought this product a long time ago and I use it faithfully everyday to line my brows. I find even when I'm due a wax and the brows are looking a little worse for wear a quick once over will keep them defined.

MUA Matt Eyeshadow- 17- When applying eyeshadow I like to put a nude near the top of my lip to set the shadow. This baby is a comparable to Urban Decay's "naked" in the naked palette. My palette's had a beasting so I use this instead...its also brilliant value for money!

Benefit High Beam- I bought this little sample in a blogsale and I have a feeling it will be a long time until I will need a full size! I use this on my cheek bones and really like the luminosity it creates. This is a product I really wanted when I first started blogging as there were reviews everywhere!

MAC Blush In Well Dressed- I feel like I'm a broken record with this blush- its my everyday go to.  For more raves have a look at My Favourite Blushes post

Collection 2000 Ultimate Wear concealer in light (2)- This is also a big beauty blogger favourite not only because of the price but it does an excellent job. It promises 16h of wear which is quite a claim for a drugstore produc. I owned this in my teens and loved it. I'm very glad to have it in my make-up drawer again.

Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara- Show me a girl that doesn't mind a bit of chanel in the handbag. I got this in a tester form when I purchased my mat lumiere foundation and vowed Id purchase this in full size, so when I saw it come up in a blogsale I had to give in to my lust! I this is a fabulous mascara- I'm also a sucked for the Chanel packaging.

What products are you loving?

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  1. Great products! I'm loving my mac blush - pinch me, finally got my hands on some mac :P Oh and Batiste for dark brown hair, some how suits my dark auburny hair ;/


  2. I really want to get well dressed, I used to use Dame as a go-to blush which is a similar more subtle colour however have been using Melba a lot - I am loving peachy tones at the moment. Great photo's too :) x

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  4. Hola! I've just found your blog. Following! :) Benefit high-beam is one of the make-up products that I could not live without! I was going to get MAC's well dressed or dainty but I chose dainty in the end! Haha, both were lovely. xxxx