Saturday, 8 June 2013

AOG Goes On Holiday

Hey there!
Wow it's been so long since I've blogged I've been on a big blog-vacation and at present im on week 2 of a six week South east Asia trip!

So much has gone on since I last blogged so I thought I would update you with what's happened since my last post.

A biggie is I completed the Chester marathon in 2hrs29. It was an incredible experience the first 10 miles I settled into a decent pace but really battled with the last 3 miles. I was overwhelmed with the support from my family and friends & I raised over £200 for Dementia UK which was amazing!

Training was a 7 month journey and it took up so much of my free time. However I enjoyed the routine and gave 100% of my commitment so I really felt I had accomplished something.

Next up is when am I back?
I hope to come back to regular blogging on AOG in July. For now ive done some incredible things in Malaysia and Thailand and can't wait to blog about them.

I'll be seeing you guys soon.



  1. Wow, I would love to get that close to a tiger! What a beautiful animal and that's such a great picture!

    Congrats on Chester marathon :) enjoy the rest of your holiday x

  2. Twitter just recommended you and your blog to me. I knew there was a reason I'm so close to Twitter, I'm completely loving your blog and have most definitely followed you on here and over on Twitter :)


  3. Wow amazing picture with the tiger!

  4. Wow that picture is amazing, I would love to be that close to a tiger! xx

  5. Such an amazing photo! Great post!

    Kelly x

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  10. Oh.MY.God! I would love to get that close to a tiger! x

  11. Ohmygosh! You are so brave to get so close to that tiger! I probably would have done the same- it's a once in a lifetime opportunity!

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