Saturday, 28 April 2012

Net A Porter Bag Alternatives

Hope your all well guys-
Its that dissertation deadline countdown right now so all my energy and limited bursts of concentration are unfortunately filtering into that for the moment but I hope to be back and up to my usual tricks on here soon.

Whilst dreaming on net a porter (wouldn't advise it, its dangerous!)
I couldn't help but look at this seasons bags and realise there are some uncanny replicas out there.

These look familiar?

This is probably THE blogger bag of the moment.
Both are versions of the Plaited Leather shopper from Zara
Ebay Version: £12.99 LEFT
Zara version: £79.99 RIGHT
Baring in mind if you could overcome the pleather smell its almost insane how smilar these these bags are!

Now this is an absolute beaut!
Ive not brought over the Ebay alternatives as the pictures are watermarked but Ive found a very similar bag by means of comparison.
Ebay Version: £20.49
Net a porter: £1,395

And Lastly the beloved widely lusted Mulberry Bayswater

It goes without saying bag alternatives can sometimes be seen as a very controversial subject- myself I have only ever owned one replica bag which I discarded many years ago. It goes without saying that with the bags available on net a porter your paying for a high level of quality but also for the privilege of being part of a brand not to mention the level of glee saving and consequently owning something worth a few bob must have its buzz.

I hope Ive managed to bring to attention how up to speed ebay is with trends and classics!
Hope to be up to speed with everything soon!


  1. i actually prefer the look of the ebay bag to the zara one xx

  2. I am a huge fan of quantity over quality. I buy a lot of bags, but they are all cheap. As far as I am aware ive not bought anything that is a direct replica, but I definitely would if I wanted something! I just don't see the point in spending hundreds on a bag, I would much rather spend it on many bags! Good post :D

  3. wow this is amazing, its amazing what you can find when you search for it. Thanks for the heads up on these.

    Becky’s Makeup and Beauty

  4. This is great!!


  5. This is such a great kind of post! Som many of us are on budgets out htere but this way we can still look glam too! I bought a replica of the famous Alexander Wang roco bag this week of ebay, if you want to keep an eye out on my blog a post on it should be going up in the next couple of weeks!

  6. that green bag is fab. of course cheaper version ;)


  7. Love this post! great finds xxx

  8. wow! I love the first bag! Gorgeous!!! :)

  9. great post thanks for sharing

  10. I was looking at the Ebay replica of the zara bag last night, its such a good copy :D


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  12. Wow! I want the green ebay one! To be honest, I dont look after my handbags as well as I should so if I spent £300+ on a bad I would never use it in the worry I would get pen on it or something lol so yes the cheaper bags wont last as long but you can use them and not worry. I know what I want for my bday now!hehe great post hun xx

  13. This is Great ,its amazing what you can find when you search for it
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