Monday, 7 November 2011

MAC Giveaway!

Hello Lovelys!

I thought that to celebrate reaching 200 GFC followers I should really give something back to show my appreciation of you all and your support- Ive mentioned before blogging has been an overwhelmingly positive experience for me!

The winner will be able to choose ANY MAC lipstick of their choice in the permanent collection.

I really hope that in this way you will be daring with your choices and pick something that you maybe wouldn't try if it wasn't free ;)
For a little inspiration check out my MAC Amplified post

This is an International Competition

To Enter:
1x entry: You must be a follower via GFC
Leave me your email, the lipstick of your choice & why!
2x Entry Tweet "I have just entered @AspirationsOfGl MAC giveaway" & comment below with your twitter name
3x Feature my giveaway image on your blog
Entries must be submitted by Mon 21st November
Winner announced Wednesday 23rd November

Happy entering!!


  1. Well Done for the followers, and thank you for such a lovely competition! I'd love to win Creme Cup, just to try another pinky nude!

    I'm a follower, and my email is


  2. This is such a fab giveaway!! I am in desperate need of a nude lipstick so would definitely choose creme d'nude!!

    My email is and my twitter is Sophie_Louise6 xx

  3. Hi thanks so much
    I would love MAC Creme d' nude because it it looks like the perfect colour to wear everyday and such a great shade to wear with different looks
    Twitter: Lovelain94
    Thanks xxx

  4. well done hun - great blog, girl about town is an amazing shade. if i win i would love that thank you.

    my email is

    tweeted - Mrsbradley11
    and im a follower xxx

  5. I'd love to try the Dark Side - love the rich berry colour and I still have a bit of a dark metal side in me.

    GFC; Rachael
    Twitter; @LO_TS

  6. congrats lovely!
    I am a follower :D Thecosmeticcrave
    My Twitter name is @Thcosmeticcrave
    I would love the lipstick in 'Ravishing' becasue I am just obsessed with peachy colours and I would love to be the owner of this lipstick :D

    My email is:

  7. Amazing giveaway :) congratulations on your followers hun!
    I am a follower, gfc as Shannon
    Twitter: @schnella09

    I would love the lipstick Shy Girl :) i know it isn't exactly adventurous haha but i've been wanting this for the longest time.

    Thanks for holding the giveaway xx

  8. Fabulous giveaway, congratulations on your followers.

    GFC as Jude
    Twitter as @jadlgw (I have also tweeted)

    If I won I would choose 'Girl About Town'

    Jude xx @jadlgw

  9. Congratulations!
    I would love 'Pretty Please' because I have never owned a shade like that before!
    My twitter is @itscharr_
    can't wait to find out who wins!

  10. Great Giveaway, Congrats on 200! :)

    I follow, gfc 'Pretty Visions'
    Twitter: @ZaraWrites_x
    I would love 'Chatterbox' lipstick, which is very adventurous for me haha! :)

    My email:

  11. congrats on your followers

    GFC nicolasmith86

    twitter @princesstinks
    i would choose hue ive been thinking about getting it for a while

  12. Oooooh hope I win! haha :) congrats on your followers!

    GFC: Lauren-Ella
    Twitter: @Lauren_SandS (have tweeted)

    I would love to try out Pink Nouveau, I've been after a proper barbie pink for ages!


  13. What a fab blog :) If I was the lucky winner the MAC lipstick I'd like is creme 'de nude because it's a beautiful but natural shade that I can wear all day even to work to make me feel extra glam in the office! My email is: and my blog: and also twitter @misscharley_x

    Thanks angel :) mwah! X

  14. Hey!! I would love MAC lipstick in Lovelorn!! :)

    gfc - Stefanie Gladden
    email -

    tweeted about the giveaway! - steffers516
    thanks so much for the chance!

  15. Thought I would enter yours too :)

    I'm now following as LauraLouBeauty. The MAC lipstick I would want has to be the ever-amazing RUBY WOO , if it's good enough for GaGa it's good enough for me! Email:

  16. Morange to brighten up dull winter days

  17. Yayyy!!! Fab giveaway!!! Congratulations lovely!!! I think I would choose Russian Red as its Glamrous and gorgeous :)))

    Have a fab day :))xxxx

  18. I'd love to try Girl About Town, i've only just started with my lipstick obsession and so far have played it safe with peaches and nudes so I'd like a bit of pink fun in my life!

    twitter: srh0304, I tweeted too

    Thank you!!

  19. Hello! I've followed your blog for a while but never been a follower through GFC, i hope this doesn't ruin my chances of winning :(

    I'd love to win Rebel, Girl About Town or New York Apple, because i don't have any colours like them in my collection and think i could rock a daring colour like them with my pale skin! ;) Also, i love the names!

    Great giveaway!
    (embarassing email address from when I was 11 haha)

  20. Great giveaway :)

    I'd love to try Please Me because it is lurvleeey and 100% me!
    I tweeted @TerriLouAmanda


  21. Congrats on getting 200 followers!

    I'd love to win Lady Danger - for a start it's not a nudey pink like the whole rest of my lipstick collection.

    My email is
    I tweeted on @BSmudges

  22. Awesome giveaway hun!

    Katie Lou

    I'd choose Rebel because i have a ton of pink lipsticks and i should really try something out of my comfort zone, and its more wintery!

    Congrats on the followers!


  23. Congratsss!!! This is a great giveaway, i own NO mac, must jump on the bandwagon at some point!! haha.
    My email is and my GFC name is AngieBeautyBelle :)
    My shade of choice is Amplified Creme in Morange, it looks such an interesting and zingy shade, i have nothing like it and as it's free might as well take a risk!! haha :)

  24. Great giveaway I love the shade up the amp that you linked very gorgeous plum purple shade PERFECT for the fall season, very elegant and girly.

    xo Jenn

  25. Congrats on all the followers and thanks for the giveaway. :)

    I would love to have 'Brave'. Its such a lovely colour that i can see myself wearing over and over again.

  26. Enter me, please! Thank you! :)
    I love red lipsticks so I'd like to have Ruby Woo! :)

    Name/GFC: Rachel Villanueva
    Email: racheltvillanueva at yahoo dot com
    Twitter: outdoor_kitty

  27. WOW check you out, your blog is growing so well, very proud of you :) Great giveaway.

    I would love 'Touch' ; it's a not too bright, in your face colour lipstick that will suit me and match my skin tone :)

    GFC: Serenity of Beauty

    Twitter: @SerenityofBeaut I have tweeted about this giveaway, which you can see here:!/SerenityofBeaut/status/133730472990744576


  28. GFC: Arianne Cruz
    email: cruz042 at csusm dot edu
    Lipstick Choice: Patisserie

  29. GFC: Nicole Zoltack
    Lipstick: chatterbox (I normally go for more reds so this is outside the box for me)

  30. It's kind of you to dare us to pick colors we probably wouldn't usually! I will pick ChatterBox, I saw this color in swatches and on your self so it's pretty amazing for summer all yer round in a country like mine:)
    GFc: BethQuahSooJing
    Twitter handle@BethQuahSooJing
    Happy November !

  31. Congrats on 200 followers!

    GFC: Emma D
    Twitter: @mmm_makeup!/mmm_makeup/status/133883363013574656

    If I won I would go for Vegas Volt because I have wanted to try it for a long time now :)

  32. Congrats on reaching 200 followers :D
    My lipstick of choice would be Creme in your Coffee - I don't think I've heard much about this shade!
    I've tweeted about the giveaway (cara_robinson) and my GFC is Cara Robinson (how original haha!)
    My contact email is

  33. Congratulations on reaching 200 followers!
    Thank you for this giveaway!
    I follow you on GFC as Kris Beauty
    Email :

    I would choose MAC lipstick in the shade called 'Patisserie' - it's not a shade that I would normally go for, but I've seen so many great swatches of it and now I'm totally in love with this colour. And it has such a sweet name, doesn't it? :)

    I follow you on Twitter @Kris_Beauty and I tweeted about this :!/Kris_Beauty/status/133902745991254016

  34. Congratulations on the 200 followers!!

    I follow GFC: Amy
    Twitter: BBoutiqueBlog

    Posted in sidebar at Beauty Boutique

    The lipstick I would choose is 'Impassioned' as I think it's a really unusual but wearable colour unlike anything I really have... It's so pretty! xxx

  35. Congratulations! :D

    ninmonster at rocketmail dot com

    I choose MAC Sweetie because it's such a nice sheer pink that's perfect for everyday but is also buildable.

    Twitter: janinegenious

    On my sidebar:

    Thank you! :D

  36. Congrats! :D Christ you've got a lot of enteries! :D

    Velvet Teddy: I've been lusting over it for months now. Not so daring as in brightness, but I hear not everyone can pull this one off! Here's to hoping I can ;)
    GFC: Lucyylou
    Twitter: LucyyLouise - tweeted.
    Lucy x

  37. Lovely give away :) crongrats on the followers!

    I'd really love to try Chatterbox - It's one that's caught my eye for a while I just can't justify the price! haaa

    GFC: Lisahh-Jayne
    I tweeted at you - @Lisahh_Jayne

  38. Congrats on all your followers! Such a great giveaway too.

    GFC- Jessica

    I'd love to try Half 'n Half because its a pinky neutral and a color I don't normally wear. I'm kinda obsessed with red lipstick, so I'm trying to avoid them! Haha. :)


  39. I would chose Mac Russian Red as it looks such a gorgeous colour and it would look fab at christmas time with neutral eyes and a flick of eyeliner :)
    GFC name: JlaLamb
    I also tweeted @JasmineLambton

  40. I would choose 'Shy girl' just because it looks gorgeous!! (and ive heard it may be being discontinued in the future?! )


  41. I really want to try Rebel but I don't know if I'd be able to pull it off. I think it'd look awesome during the winter though.

    GFC: Soph Ansell

  42. Well done on the followers hun! I would love to reach 200 one day! :)
    I would pick Russian Red because I dont own any red lipsticks and it would be perfect for the festive season! :)
    GFC - Emily
    missemily6 at hotmail dot com


  43. I would love to win Creme Cup because I love nude colors!
    GFC: Olga
    I tweeted!/olgap77/status/134408229726859264

    olgaliki77 at gmail dot com

  44. GFC: Lulu
    I like Plumful -I was looking for this color for a long time and I found it in MAC colection)
    redalepou at yahoo dot com

  45. This is an incredible giveaway. I would probably pick Fresh Brew. Believe it or not, unlike most I'm always in bright colours. It would be nice to have something a bit toned down. Thanks for the giveaway!
    Tweeted as @dejanestpas and followed with GFC
    dpygott at hotmail dot co dot uk

  46. Hi doll!

    --------------------------- I'm now a GFC Follower under: SAUCY | f. | BABY

    --------------------------- I would choose MORANGE because I've been looking for an orange lipstick for a really long time & it's such the perfect orange. I love that it's a cream because I've tried orange lipsticks that have a frost finish & I'm not a fan of frost at all.


    Thank you for the chance.

    --- Nicole O.

  47. I am a GFC follower - Allie Graham

    And email is

    I would choose Mac Hue, because I have literally been obsessed with this lipstick for months and months now, but really can't justify buying it! Been trying to find reasons why I don't need it but I'm sadly coming up short, I need this lipstick in my life haha.

    Many thanks, great blog!

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  48. congrats!

    GFC iheartmexoxo
    tweeted as iheartmexoxo
    blog pic

    i would love to have saint germain .... ps this was hard!!

  49. Such a great giveaway! I love your blog :) :) congratulations on all your followers!
    I'm desperate to get Cherish by MAC - a little bland compared to some of their other more daring colours, but I went to a photoshoot last June and had a makeover and I got to try on a few MAC lipstick shades, and cherish was by far my favourite! especially because i love doing a smokey eye and having a more neutral lip looks good with smokey eyes :)

    my email is xxxxx

  50. Thanks for a lovely giveaway - I'm liking the look of Mac Supreme Sheen in Full Speed as the bright colour & glossy texture appeal to me. I also adore the look of Girl About Town in your swatches! I'm torn, lol

    I follow as Strawberry Blonde on GFC and @Strawbry_Blonde on Twitter.

    My email is and blog is

    Thanks again and congrats!
    Nic xx

  51. great giveaway, I love mac! :) .

    I follow you at GFC and I've mentioned your giveaway at my blog:
    my email is:


  52. Very nice giveaway!Simply want to say your article is astonishing. The clearness in your post is simply spectacular and i can assume you are an expert on this subject. Well with your permission allow me to grab your rss feed to keep up to date with forthcoming post. Swiss watch .

  53. Congratulations on the followers, you deserve it and many more to come!

    GFC: sweetaholic rachel
    I am unsure which I would chose at the moment, but something bright and really random like a pink or red.

    Blog post which included the image -

    Thanks for this amazing giveaway and good luck to everyone else.

  54. Nice giveaway!:)
    I'd choose MAC Viva Glam Gaga 2, and give it to my very best friend, because she loves nude lipstick, and this would be her 20th birthday gift. I love her so much, and she deserves it:)

    gfc: Katjes

    have a beautiful day!:)

  55. GFC: Luiza M
    e-mail: luizza_m at ymail dot com
    Lipstick: Ipassioned because is a gorgeous shade of pink and I really think it would look great on my lips
    Twitter: luizaspider!/luizaspider/status/137194611297890304

  56. Congrats on the followers :)


    blog info:


    I would love to win Creme d' Nude lipstic, simply cause I love nudes :)

    Thank you.

  57. GFC:
    my choice:Vegas Volt
    why: because wearing that, I would feel just like in Vegas! :)
    blog post here:

  58. Congratulations on the followers!!
    GFC: Lili T.

    I would choose Ravishing, because it`s such a cute color and goes with everything!! And also it would be my first MAC lipstick!


  59. gfc; zoe

    I'd choose Vegas Volt because i dont have a colour like it in my collection!

  60. Congratulations for 200 followers :)

    GFC: preciouspearl
    email: preciouspearlmakeup at gmail dot com

    Lipstick: Amorous. It is a perfect fall lipstick.

    twitter: pearlmakeup
    Tweeted link:!/pearlmakeup/status/137219923553419264

    Posted giveaway on my blog's sidebar:


    TWITTER: NIXIQUITA!/nixiquita/status/137219441636294658

    ~i would love love love to own MAC VIOLETTA because id love to own one loud uber pigmented lippie in a crazy color! it would prolly send my mom and boyfie to nutville when they see me wear it out :D haha

  62. GFC: Ciara M
    Blog sidebar:

    The lipstick I would love to win is St. Germain, just because its a really pink colour & I'd usually never wear anything very pigmented on my lips lol. So I'd love to own one & see if it actually suits me (:

    Thank youuuu! x

  63. GFC: Sophie

    Lipstick of choice: Honeylove!

    Great giveaway!!! xxx

  64. Amazing giveaway, enter me please! :)
    GFC - hannah.
    Email -
    Blog - Which Way To Wonderland? (
    If I won, I'd love to try out Creme D'Nude or Vegas Volt or Angel - surprise me! Because they are all beautiful colours and perfect for everyday use! Thank you xxx

  65. I'm following you via GFC :)

    If I won, I'd choose the Tanarama.. I love nude, shimmery tones :D

    francivusk at hotmail dot it

  66. GFc - makeup hair and glitz

    Twitter- makeup h glitz


    I would love to win show orchid or girl about town I've been dying to get my hands on them x x x thanks for the giveaway Hun :) x x

  67. GFC: Cathy
    i'd love to win Angel or Creme Cup


  68. Danielle Terry

    GFC: tinkerbelldani
    I would love to own a baby pink lipstck please because:
    I am a MAC virgin so i am very excited about this give-away :) i have some MAC products on my Xmas list :) fingers crossed lol. I am not familiar with the colours, iv looked n their site but the colours seem diffrent on the net to in real life so i would be super happy with a light baby pink that you could recommend for me :)

    I tweeted: @tinkabelldani

    I put your give-away in my sidebar with working link:

    Thank you so much for this give-away :)

  69. gfc- Amy
    i follow on twitter- amydeller
    email- xamydellerx@hotmail

    i'd love to win this colour Perpetual Flame
    Pink cranberry.

    Thankyou its a gorgeous gievaway xoxo

  70. GFC: collifornia
    Email: holliister at gmail dot com
    Lipstick: Shy girl

  71. Lovely giveaway! I would love to win lustering as it's something I have wanted for ages! GFC confessionsofamakeupaholic

  72. gfc: marla


    lipstick choice: ANGEL

    Twitter Username: marlaandmakeup

  73. Wonderful giveaway! I love the Pink Plaid colour so I'd like to try that if I won. My GFC is Pickle and my email is

    I tweeted your giveaway using @rachyylou -!/rachyylou/status/137666996383916032

    I've also put a link to your giveaway in my sidebar :) xxxx

  74. Well done reaching 200 followers :D
    I'd love to win Girl About Town!

    twitter: @nixlala_land


  75. great!
    GFC: Elenita

    I'd like "Crosswires" because I love the coral pink lipsticks!

  76. Hi from France! Fingers crossed that i'll be one of the lucky winners. :D

    1. GFC: Costin Daniela
    2. I would love MAC Creme d' nude
    3. Twitter: @DanyelaCostin
    4. Tweeted:!/DanyelaCostin/status/138030114654011392
    5. Email:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  77. GFC - charlotelizabeth
    Twitter xxcharlottxx i'm tweeting your comp as we speak :)
    and i've put you in my fab comp tab!

    I'd love chatterbox, such a gorge shade, i love corals.
    i'm a new follower sent by my friend rachel crawford :)

    my blog link is i'd love it if you followed back!

    lots of love

  78. well done on your followers!!

    i follow you on gfc: choux pastry hearts
    twitter :laura_jane7777
    i tweeted your message also :)

    I'll be daring and let you pick my lipstick if i win!