Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Feel Unique November BeautyBox

Earlier this week my FeelUnique beautybox popped through the post.
I am really impressed with it this week. 
For some reason and taking into consideration I read 100s of blogs Ive never come across anybody that reviews FeelUnique's beauty box so I see it as my responsibility to show you bloggers what your missing out on!

Its all aimed towards getting glammed for the up for the up and coming party season me a girl who doesn't like getting dolled up ;) to the contents..!
1. Emma Hardie Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Cleansing Balm & Professional Cloth
2. Schwarzkopf Proffessional OSIS Dust Matifying Powder
3. X-Tan Deep Bronze Luxe
4. Goldwell DuelSenses Repair 60 seconds treatment
5. Bella Piere Shimmer Powder
6. Prada Candy Eau de Parfum tester

Now I wont bore you with everything...but Ill share with you the products I'm excited about.
Emma Hardie Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Cleansing Balm & Professional Cloth
This is reminiscent of the Liz Earle cleanse and polish. It comes with a delightfully soft cloth and it takes all your makeup off like an absolute dream. Now I really do have an understanding with you lot raving about Liz Earle....I really have never felt so clean and clear after removing my makeup. Very impressed with this product and it should last me a while taking into consideration the amount of product Ive received.
Schwarzkopf Proffessional OSIS Dust Matifying Powder
Now Ill be honest Ive never heard of this stuff before...or the concept for that matter!
This product is a powder, you pop it onto your hand and rub your hands together and then massage it into your roots and rough it up a bit. Those backcomb queens among us will really get good use out of a product like this. I really like this one, it gives me lift and makes your hair more malleable. Really perfect for the party season!

X-Tan Deep Bronze Luxe
Now you regular readers will know I am St Tropez through and through! Its been nearly a 4 year love affair and although I have tried bits and bobs of other fake tans along the way Ive always gone back to St Tropez. (that rhymes haha) I have read good...wonderful things even about Xen -Tan so I'm looking forward to trying this....not going to lie I am a little intimidated by the DARK label though eek!!
Bella Piere Shimmer Powder
This is a B-E-A-UUUUTIFUL multipurpose pigment, oh and its GOLD perfect for under those Christmas lights. Ive always been aware of Bella Piere but never purchased any of their items. This is such an incredibly beautiful addition to the beautybox.

In Other News
I have MAC lipstick giveaway running at the moment. Check it out!
I have spent the whole day doing uni work I am finally on top of everything....HURRAH!
I am off to see Lee Evans tomorrow and I'm so so excited! cant decide what to wear though.
Ive got some new buttons over there >>>
Ive Entered LucyWrites giveaway click it and check it out...espesh you Lush lovers.
Ive got some really beautiful bits to review soon...keep a look out! ;)

Take care beauties!


  1. Great post as always! I'm really loving the OSiS range! :)
    Lucy x

  2. Oh and thanks for the little mention ;)

  3. I really want to start getting this box, it seems like the better one out of all of them!X

  4. This is the first one of these boxes I have seen and liked. I didn’t know FeelUnique did one. The balm sounds amazing. I’m a new follower via the blog hop btw, look forward to reading more :-)

  5. Wow that looks crammed with stuff!

  6. Wow, nice :) All the products look lovely. How was Lee Evans?? I caught up on college work today, thank good!! Going to take some time over the weekend to relax and try get rid of this bloody cold :( xx

  7. Love getting boxes like these. Have you tried lux box? I used them for a while and they send pretty cute stuff also!

    Fashion Translated

  8. I love the idea of these beauty boxes! i feel like i need to subscribe to one aha! and yes I think sometimes you're favourite items of clothing tend to be the ones you wouldn't necessarily wear!

    thanks for the comment on my blog,

  9. great post :) all the products look so good!
    Lily xoxo

  10. These look really good. such a good idea! thanks for the comment about Amy Childs clothes line, i had a look on the website! :) xoxo

  11. Great blog!
    I discovered this feelunique beautybox just yesterday and wanted to order this, but unfortunately they ship it only UK :(

  12. so great! :) I also want to get this beauty box, it looks beautiful! :) xx

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