Monday, 26 September 2011

MAC Amplified....the low down

Hello there! Hello new followers :)
I do apologise for lack of posting...quite frankly I was away all weekend enjoying myself!

Today I want to take you through my three favourite MAC amplified creme lipsticks.
For those that are new to MAC or MAC lipstick amplified cremes they are highly pigmented with a creme finish. It is because of their moisturising aspect and vibrant colour that I love them so!

To view swatches of all of the MAC amplified range look here

These are my favs:
Girl About Town- this is a MAC lipstick must have and I know is a blogger/Youtube favourite...and I understand why. This striking fuchsia has the ability to glamorise a very plain look. This lipstick is fabulous is putting a spin on the 50s pin up look adding a modern twist. I use this lipstick often out of an evening. Theres something about this colour pop that says "'Ive made an effort tonight!"
I think this picture really aids in showing the vibrancy of this pink shade. As you can see this pink has a red undertone and this contributes in delivering that unquestionable POP!

Up The Amp:, to a lot of women this colour is a little scary and intimidating-don't be! This shade is really buildable so it can be as subtle or as imposing as you want. This lippe looks incredible on WOC when built up. Believe it or not but I sometimes wear this for daytime to add that little glamour to my look if my makeup is very plain. Ive also worn this out with a white dress using the lipstick to modernise the look as a whole.
To show you how unitimidating this colour can really be this is it when only lightly applied.
Its gorgeous purple colour really carries an explicit uniqueness and this is really what makes it a must have.

Chatterbox: This shade has a particular place in my heart because I usually wear it as a daytime lipstick. When I want something other than Hue or Creme d Nude this is my next go to. I wore this colour a lot over the summer as it would freshen up my look.

The only way to really describe this shade is as a pretty pink. Its not bubblegum or anything too outrageous, its a pink with a slight coral undertone which makes it a favourite because it can be used to enhance a range of looks or occasions.

Finally here are the swatches on a white background. The undertones are much more prominent in this image.

So there we have it my favourite MAC amplified cremes!
What are your favourites?

In Other News
Had an incredible weekend. Rather than bore you with details I will show you this image:
cheeky little thing!! haha.

-I need to show you my blog sale finds and review them-I got some lovely stuff :)
-Had a weak moment and bought some bits from Elf in their last 50% sale-
Ive read a lot of Elf hauls so instead I think I may review some of their less-publicised products
-Bought my first ever Nars blush so far really thrilled!!
-Back to uni next week and 3rd years begins. Im not disillusioning myself...its going to be a tough year!
-Actively searching for a new fruit scent. Any suggestions?

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  1. I have just given you the Liebster Blog Award x

  2. That last picture made me laugh, so cute! haha!
    Definitely need to get Girl About Town, its gorgeous! xx

  3. These MAC shades looks fabulous, although I am not a keen lover of wearing bright shades personally, as they don't suit me :( (sad times) lol. But they look great on you though.

  4. @ Hannah thank you so much :) :) :)

    @Amy- Ah the monkeys ripped a part of my boyfriends car off :/ its fixable though. Loved the safari park! It makes me chuckle too!

    @Hair and beautylicious- Aw thats a shame :( thank you!


  5. Your blog is lovely!
    Love MACs I have two adorable colors!
    Following :)
    Come and visit mine if you like

  6. Chatterbox looks pretty amazing! Might need to add it to the 'list'. (The list contains many things I can't afford but will probably buy anyway..) x

  7. Beautiful post! I love the colors! I think the Girl About Town makes me nervous but it's so pretty I want to try it! Thanks for the post!

  8. Hiya, Found your blog via twitter and following it now :) it's so fresh!
    do drop by my blog sometime.

  9. I quite like the way Up the Amp looks on the lips, definitely less scary and intimidating than in the bullet.

  10. I LOVE the look of Chatterbox, Up the Amp doesn't look as scary on the lips as it does in the bullet...really glad...might have to make a cheeky mac purchase :) xx

  11. I've got a MAC lip glaze (?) in Hot Tahiti, but I'm looking for something more vibrant so think I may be investing in Girl About Town sometime soon! thanks for the tip xx
    following you!

  12. I like chatterbox the most- very prettty. I also like the last photo, made me laugh!

  13. I love the colour you got from 'up the amp'. Will definitely be making this my next MAC purchase!
    Carrie xx

  14. I like Chatterbox. I'm Asian, do you think Chatterbox will suit me? Also, you might want to check out LIFO. It is an online hub for girls that focuses on the latest fashion trends, celebrity gossip, social causes, beauty and health and lifestyle issues.

  15. I heart Mac Lipsticks, I haven't got those, but I adore the Chatterbox one. In fact I am going to the Mac store tomorrow!!!

    Lovely Blog! I am following you now!


  16. Oo what gorgeous lippie colours! Chatterbox is my favoruite I need to go and get it now :D

  17. Oh my, what is that creature on your car?!

  18. @ Mary Kapsi thank you very much! They are my absolute favs!

    @Makeupthenight I think I have one of these lists also! haha!

    @Elise it is such a beautiful colour! worth a swing to the Mac counter for sure.

    @SiddySays thanks! I already have :)

    @Chrissy yes thats totally the case its very wearable really.

    @Hayley hope you blog about it if you do!

    @lara oh the lip glass yes! should work well together. no problem :) glad it did! haha.

    @carrie glad to hear this. Up the amp needs more attention its a beautiful colour

    @Kathleen I think this would work wonderfully on your skin type. If you want a vibrant look youd certainly achieve this :)

    @KK thanks for your lovely comment, I <3 them too!

    @Thecosmeticscrave its so pretty and vibrant :)

    @Askford a baboon! haha! sorry if it frightened you lol!

    Thank you for your lovely comments :)


  19. I love MAC lipsticks and now I really want to get girl about town and chatterbox! Love it!