Friday, 4 November 2011

Ill go back to MAC...favourite blusher

Its so easy to forget about the beautiful things you've purchased in the past.
I have overwhelming respect for miss Maria Sparkle who was taking part in a self inflicted spending ban.
This means lots of "shopping her stash"
...its mad how much half used bits of unused product you can accumulate.
In all honesty I could do with doing this too...just I wouldn't manage the none spending bit!

With this is mind and the seasons in complete change in comparison to the very odd initial hot October weather so do the demands of my skin/makeup regime (..well slightly)

I picked this up out of my makeup stash yesterday. It is to date the brightest blush I have EVER seen or owned for that matter.
This is Her Blooming Cheek
and really sorry I also hate when people do this...its limited addition! It is from last years Christmas collection.
A very similar dupe is Dollymix which is in the permanent line at MAC.

This colour is perfect for a bit of cheek POP
One swipe of this and your good to go because the colour is so pigmented its a blush that will last a very long time.
Here is the colour very lightly is buildable but you need me be careful
...theres winter flush and then their just looking permanantly embarrassed!

It really is something I'm glad Ive brought back out of my stash!

What are you ladies rediscovering in your makeup collection?


  1. Wow gorgeous blush! I think I may need to 'Shop my Stash' too! Far too many half used products that need some love!


  2. Very pretty color!

  3. thats a really nice colour! xx

  4. This is pretty! I'm making you want to go on lush trips and now your making me need to go to mac!!
    Lucy xx

  5. ah so gorgeous! x

  6. Wow such a great blush! I can't imagine ever buying a shade like this, but sometimes I get bold streaks haha. Good for winter. :)

    xx Jessica

  7. Very gorgeous blush!I can't imagine ever! but sometimes I get bold streaks. Swiss watch . is my favorite watches ever.