Monday, 19 September 2011

Birthday Haul

Hello bloggers!
As promised I thought Is share a few bits I got for my birthday.
I haven't included everything just a few so you get the general idea!

My lovely boyfriend got me so much stuff! I have been so spoiled.
He got me a new coat which I will no doubt feature sometime so its a lovely earthy brown colour and I'm thrilled with it. We are going away next weekend and visiting Knowsley's Safari park which I am very much looking forward to!
He also got me some more Ralph Lauren perfume- this is MY SCENT! Ive worn it for over 10 years. Its just so fruity and fresh without being too young. All my friends and family know this scent as mine and my boyfriend even refuses to buy me any other as I wouldn't smell like me anymore..bless.
I also received some tickets to go see Katy B- I'm really excited about this as I saw her whole set at V Fest and absolutely loved it. I love seeing artists live.

Some of my girls bought be a Pandora bracelet and a friendship knot charm.
Pandora bracelets are everywhere..I actually think every girl in my friendship circle bar two owns one.
Its weird Ive never really felt the need to buy myself one, I just kinda enjoyed looking at others'.
Now that I actually own one of my own I cant stop wearing it.
I think the reason I never bought one is because the majority of charms (unless you got cash to burn!)
are silver and I am not really a silver wearer.
However as I type I have it lovingly placed on my wrist. I feel very privileged to own one and the friendship knot holds much sentiment.

I asked my parents for some money for my birthday as I had my eye on a Michael Kors watch.
Many a time I have browsed them on the ASOS website...longingly even.
I am now the proud owner of a Michael Kors MK-3518.
The strap is a classic gold link all the way around.
I like it because its sophisticated- a proper "grown-ups watch"
Its design is timeless...haha get the pun...sorry!
My mum bless her got me this book along with a piping set.
Ive failed to mention on here that Ive gone a little cupcake mad of late.
I made 2 batches last week and one has already been produced today.
I have decided I want to be good at this involves lots of practice.
This is today's (photoshopped) attempt:
I haven't tried one yet. They are lemon flavoured with a little zest sprinkled on the top for good measure.
I will hopefully reach piping-perfection!

I am going to be featured on GlitzyQueen with some of my favourite lipsticks tomorrow so look out!
Big shout out to my new followers, its a brilliant feeling seeing those follower numbers creep up.
As ever thank you for your support! :)


  1. Lots of lovely pressies! I keep seeing Michael Kors watches, I want one so bad! x

  2. Happy belated birthday! You got some lovely presents :) xx

  3. Aw those are lovely pressies, especially jealous of the pandora! x

  4. Aw great post again, I need to get better at piping too! Ahh I love baking cupcakes!
    Lucy x

  5. I am in love with your watch! And your man sounds like a keeper!

    So glad you had a lovely birthday! xXx

  6. Lovely Post! I also have the exact same perfume and adore the sent ! :) xx

  7. woah, he sounds like an amazing bf :O <3 i have that ralph lauren perfume too, i LOVE it <3 happy late birthday btw haha!

  8. @Emma -ah I know I was having the exact same issue, and then Michael Kors @ LFW as well..damn!

    @Leanne- thank you very much :D

    @Jenny- get it on your christmas list.I love mine, cant figure if id want more charms or not...

    @LucyLou- thank you lovely. Honestly the house it like a cupcake bakery. Its all gone a bit crazy.

    @Kath x-aw thanks, he really is. I am always mega spoiled on birthdays.

    @Beaut-ings and beyond- Tell me about it, i think ill be wearing it till im grey. So fresh!

    Thank you so much for your comments ladies :) :)

  9. Lucky girllll! Love the watch and the cupcakes! haha that bracelet is so sweet too :)

  10. Happy belated birthday!! It looks like you got some great gifts!!


  11. Wow you really cleaned up well. Love all of it (especially that bracelet...asking for one for Christmas this year from my husband!!)

  12. Ooo lovely looks like you had a fab birthday, and got some fab presents :)
    You've made me want cupcakes now xx

  13. I love the Michael Kors watch! I was looking at one for my birthday, then went for a Folli Follie in the end. I hope you had a great birthday, September birthdays are the best haha!

  14. So jealous of your grown up watch and your Pandora bracelet! Hope you had a great birthday! If I buy myself a Clarisonic before my bday next month then I'm asking for a Pandora bracelet! Those are really gorg! x

  15. Love the watch, and the cupcakes look delish!
    Happy belated birthday by the way!