Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Packages and Knits OOTD

Hello there!
Yesterday I had a beautiful little package through the post
I was very happy to find it was a beautiful necklace I ordered a few weeks ago from Etsy.
The link for it is featured in this post
It is so dainty and ornate. Its not got that LOOK AT ME statement authority,
instead the little disk creates a glimmer that occasionally catches you eye. It really is lovely.
Today I have a HUGE jumper on...I mean I'm a size 10 and its size 18
Basically Ive been after a nice large cream jumper for a while.
I find jumper dresses too frumpy and usually a little on the short side this is because I'm 5"8.
My thinking behind purchasing such a big jumper is so that when I have those I cant be bothered days I can throw this on!
 ...and that's exactly what Ive done. Ive added a little black belt to give the look more structure. This way I don't entirely look like Ive got the bin bag look going on.
Jumper: Primark
Belt: Primark
Watch: Micheal Kors

Foundation: No7 Stay perfect
Blush: Sleek Flamingo

MAC Chatterbox

Sleek palette
Chanel inimitable intense mascara

Thank you for my lovely birthday comments!
Check out my guest blog entry posted today here on GlitzyQueen!


  1. You look lovely, jumper looks so comfy, I need it! :) Great thinking xx

  2. I'm just a lil taller than you (5ft 9), and I get my jumper dresses from H&M,& those are always a good length/fit for me. Worn with leggings or thick tights, it's fabulous. But I do like how you've gone for a larger size jumper and added the belt with it to give structure - very clever, and it looks great :).

  3. Great necklace.... looks soo beautiful! Think gold is the new color,.. for me too=)

  4. Hey hun, really like the jumper, such a great buy for the new season. The necklace is lovely too. Thanks for the follow on my blog, I am now following back xx

  5. Gorgeous jumper! :)

    Lucy x

  6. So cute! Love the jumper, your hair and the necklace. Adorable. xoxo

  7. You've got eyes like Bambi! Love that jumper, looks so cosy.


  8. Wow...you look so pretty!! I love that jumper. It's fab and the addition of the thin belt really defines your waist. HAUTE!!!

  9. I love big chunky knits! It looks good with a belt :-)

  10. @Misseblog- highly reccommend. Its very snug!

    @H&B- ooo thank you for your advice. I will be sure to keep a look out next time Im at H&M. Love that shop. hurray for leggy ladies, thank you for your comment :)

    @J.-Kim- I am such a gold freak! All my daytime jewls are gold. Love it.

    @ChalotteB- Its so super warm. Thank you for your comment and follow!

    @LucyLou- thanks :)

    @Regina&Torie- thank you very much!

    @Victoria'sProcrastinationProject- aw thank you thats very sweet of you to say that!

    @Fashion pad-thank you for your lovely comment!

    @Megan- me too im a chunky knit freak! All about comfort when it gets cold

    Thank you for your lovely comments and support ladies! xxxx

  11. You look super cute! <3
    PS: are you on FB?

  12. the necklace is adorable. and i LOVE the way you wore the oversized jumper with the belt. looks so nice!

  13. I have given you an award, over at my blog egtx3 :)


  14. I love how you belted that chunky jumper, and your make-up is flawless honey beautiful.

  15. love your jumper and your make up and of course your necklace is gorgeous too! and jealous you are going to see Katy B! and i do really want a pair of ugg boots...

    thanks for the comment on my blog,

  16. @A.Pink- your added babe!

    @Lucy- thank you so much, havent forgotten your challenge! its happening this week!

    @Emily- I am so happy about this. Ive had an awfal day and its cheered me up no end! Thank you!

    @4-LEXI-you are so sweet thank you for your lovely comment :)

    @Becca- do it do it ;)

    I am ever grateful for your comments! Many thanks! xxx

  17. You look so lovely!


  18. You look really nice, I will pop into Primark now!!


  19. @ Standing In Stilettos- thank you for your lovely comment :)

    @Jess thank you, theres some lovely bits in Primark atm for A/W!

    Liz xxxxx