Sunday, 18 September 2011

Result Of A Fabulous Weekend

Hey guys!
Sorry for my lack of posting over the weekend- for those that don't know it was my birthday last Saturday.
The weekend as a whole was great. Met with friends and had drinks Friday night, then Saturday had a really nice chilled relaxing day and my boyfriend cooked for me and made me a birthday cake :)
To add to the weekend as a whole it was also payday Friday :)
So I immediately went shopping!
I will make sure to post a birthday haul sometime this week so you can have a little nosey at what I got.
Here's a few things I picked up this week. I bought three items of clothing but rather than photo them they will probably feature in an OOTD this week or next, I will make sure I mention they are a recent purchase!
I bought these beauties in Primark. 
Above is a purple ring, a green and gold pair of earrings and a long rope gold necklace.
Id seen a very similar necklace in Topshop and was agonising whether to buy it. I'm glad in hindsight I didn't because this one is exactly the same but about £10 cheaper. Nice try Topshop..!
The earrings are really classic looking studs and I thought they'd work well in adding a little something to a plain outfit.
I just love the ring. I had been looking for a similar one over the summer and just couldn't find one anywhere.So I snapped this one up when I saw it!

I bought some bits for university. With Uni stuff it HAS to be pretty, this is so I do not doodle all over it. Pretty things have this way of taking my mind off stressful situations or deadlines so for this I went into Paperchase. One of my favourite and stationary stores...I just love their quirky designs.
Super super cute!
I bought a folder, notebook and a diary. They have a little glitter on the designs and just look adorable!

I then popped next door to Lush. 
Ill be completely honest. Ive never got the whole Lush hype thing. I have passed on many occasions and been overpowered by the smells offending my nose. Ive been in there before but never bothered buying anything.
But @LucyLouise always has lots of lush related posts so my interest was rejuvenated.
on arrival this must had shown, I think I was pulling the "lush virgin look".
A super camp salesman/shop worker arrived at my service, and bless him he talked me through everything...this included demonstrations....big up to Lush staff!
With this I chose bubble bar.
It smells amazing..! Like these little cup cake dolls I used to own as a kid,
I think I'm going to have to take a bath later in my eagerness!

Lastly I popped to Superdrug. My local town stocks:
NO Sleek.
really its pretty shocking.
Ive read lots about these brands.I even own the Sleek storm palette so I was intrigued none the less!
I purchased Sleek blush in Flamingo.
Its a beautiful vibrant pink
I am forever wearing MAC Well dressed blush because its safe and it complements my skintone
buying this blush is an attempt to up the amp for nights out. Its a truly beautiful colour.

I also bought Sleek Face Contour Kit in medium.
Its only recently Ive got into contouring but I'm really happy with this little purchase.

So that's my Friday payday pre-birthday low down.
I hope you like my purchases...going to get in the bath and try out my bubble bar now..!
Hope you've all had a good week!

Birthday haul to come soon. I have a guest post up this week-keep your eyes pealed ;)


  1. mmm I love everything from Lush!

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with Lush! I can't wait for my favourite bubble bath bar to come out for Xmas. Candy Cane is beaut <3

  3. the cake looks lovelyyy! and the jewellery is soooo pretty! would love it if you could take part in my challenge?

  4. @OPI Addict- just had the bath...I think I may have been converted!

    @Katie Lou-Ive heard good things about their gingerbread stuff! Sounds brilliant!

    @Lucy- Thank you, yes! I plan to do it this week :)

    Thank you for your comments ladies!

  5. i have the ring and earrings absolutely love primark for jewlery because i always lose it so i never want to spend much haha such a cute cake :) xx

  6. Those are some awesome earrings! Happy birthday

  7. That blush is amazing! Such a colour pop :)

  8. Glad you had a lovely birthday! I have never been into a Lush store... I think this will have to change fairly soon! Xx

  9. I LOVE Paperchase! There isn't a local one by me so when we drive to Exeter I always want to go - but no-one else does! I end up being completely fascinated by everything whilst everyone else is yawning and trying to hurry me along :P Haha, the cupcakes are so cute! :D Love your ring too! Thanks for the follow, following you back :) xxx

  10. paperchase is amazing! i love quirky stationary!

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  12. @Becky- I am exactly the same too! Unfortunaly I dont give my jewellery much love so primark is idea! That way if I break/loose it its no biggie!

    @Jess- thank you. I love green. I think my mum has scarred me with our green kitchen and green bathroom!

    @AngieBeautyBelle- ah I know I looked at the slightly muted colours but this one really stood out!

    @Kath x-if you got anything near the customer service I did youll be a convert. Had a bath last night and it was bliss!

    @Paige- aw your comment made me giggle haha! My friends mainly consist of teachers so they have all the funky stationary in the world. I get stationary envy!

    @Charlie- me too, anything with a bit of attitude. Cant get bored just because Im an adult!

    Thank you for your lovely comments ladies :) xxxx

  13. Hey, thanks for the comment :) It's just sometimes nice to vent when bloggers are fishing so blatantly eugh, I think I may need to get twitter though x

  14. p.s. how very rude of me! I forgot to wish you a late happy birthday! :) x

  15. This is a great haul! I love the jewellery you got :)
    Ohh and im glad you had a lovely birthday :)
    Lovely blog! xx

  16. Haha, Glad to be of assistance :P If you need any lush advice you know who to ask :D I love the comforter, the ring is gorgeous!
    Lucy x

  17. @ Jenny- I completly saw where you were coming from! Twitters where its at! I expect an add when your on there :) ...and thank you!

    @Emily - thank you very much I <3 bold statement pieces.

    @LucyLou-I will be on your tale when the xmas range is in...will need advice on what to do on my list! :p xxx

    Thank you for your comments laydees! xxx

  18. Awww how sweet of your boyfriend. Well he's a keeper. I don't know many guys that would do that lol. The simple things in life are the best!
    I love the jewelry you got. Especially that purple ring.
    I've heard great things about Sleek lately. I'll have to check them out. Great bday haul. Happy B-lated bday :)

  19. I love the ring !!! I so need to pick that up xx