Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The £11.50 ASOS Midi Dress

You know how I love a bargain, I mean lest we forget the fabulous Jeffrey Campbell spike purchase I made during the new year.
Well I am equally delighted with this one which I got from the ASOS sale.
Its another case of "keep it simple stupid"and a welcome new member of my LBD collection.

I loved its Midi cut, the backless detail and its effortless simplicity.
I have a few friends birthdays coming up over March and had swore blind I wouldn't buy myself any new outfits as I'm in the process of a saving initiative that I have mentioned here and here. But when I saw the £11.50 price tag I caved. Coupled with my ASOS Premier account it was in my hands the following day and I was delighted.

The only problem Im having is that such a simple bargainous dress deserves a probably-not-so-bargainous-statement-necklace.
This necklace from Topshop is the sort of statement piece I have in mind, whether I will treat myself remains to be seen!

Do you like midi dresses?

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  1. Love this dress! Such a bargain! I had my eye on the red version but now I want the black ;) haha you look beauts xoxo

  2. Lovee the dress, the necklace would be the perfect finishing touch! I think you should treat yourself, sorry for being a bad influence!! xx


  3. Such a pretty dress I love the back too. I have to Fin my perfect LBD!

    Jackie @ http://fashionxfairytale.blogspot.com

  4. Love the dress! How cheap, but it looks expensive, love the detail on the back


  5. Looks lovely, unfortunately I'm a bit too short to wear the midi trend :)


  6. I love the dress and you look awesome! I have several midi dresses.

  7. Such a lovely dress, and such a bargain! I think you're right about it looking great with a statement necklace!I really like the midi trend, but I have to be careful how I wear it because I'm so short, bodcon looks best but floaty chiffon midi skirts tend to look frumpy on me, I'm so jealous of taller girls that can get away with wearing them, I love them!!
    Eleanor x

  8. Gorgeous dress at a fantastic price. It looks lovely on you though.Indeed, a bold necklace would complete the dress perfectly.