Thursday, 21 February 2013

Haircare Series #3 Joico K-Pak Reconstruct

Hello there,
In my previous posts discussing Redken Antisnap and Morrocanoil Hydrating Hair Mask I have been writing about products that have help improve the condition and look to my poor tired bleached blonde hair.

Joico is a brand I had never had any previous experience of. I had seen it recommended time upon time on Youtube and always been curious. Its a broad statement but if I were to recommend any haircare product this would be number one. In fact I would say to me this is a holy grail product and the difference since using these Shampoo & conditioner combo has been considerable.

Joico K-Pak is specially designed for damaged hair and although it comes with a hefty £20 price tag the reason behind its price is the products keratin rich ingredients. I realise that not everybody has a spare £20 to spend solely on shampoo so to get the most out of mine I probably use it once a week and alternate using this in between using more affordable products.

The consistency of the shampoo and conditioner isn't too thick and has a wonderful fruity smell. On washing my hair and applying conditioner its feels like silk. It goes without saying Joico is certainly a luxury brand and not for everyone but if your purse can stretch I really recommend this as a brilliant product.

Have you ever tried Joico products?
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  1. Heyy ... Nice review ... Im new to blogging .. and loved all your posts :)

  2. Hello! Please help me! 'm from Brazil and I have to buy the site for Joico products and would like to know what the difference between the Joico k pak reconstruct the picture of your blog and Joico k pak demage the golden / brown packaging! thank you!