Sunday, 17 February 2013

Apple & Tree Soap Cupcakes.

Imagine a cupcake which was calorie free?
Well Apple and Tree have just the cupcake sweet smelling, delicious looking and incredibly soapy.
I put a little spoiler image on my Instagram account and got such a good reaction to these little delights.

On first glance at Apple and Tree's handmade soap cupcakes really remind me of Lush products but on a much more quaint and sophisticated level. They smell incredible, fragrant without being overpowering and look even better. It’d be quite hard to take this into the bath and spoil its beauty.

Currently there are three available soap cupcake fragrances,sherbet lemon lavender dream and  peppermint kiss (such delicious names!).

I have a special soft spot for this brand as the creator of Apple and Tree is my childhood friend Naomi. I was always envious of Naomi as a child because her artistic calling in life was always so prevalent even at our young years, Naomi was always drawing and painting on canvas. She has an incredible gift and still as an adult art is a huge part of self expression. So to see what beautiful offerings Apple and Tree come up with next is very exciting.

If these cupcakes tickle your fancy please take a peek at Apple and Tree's
and blog....(this is a lovely read)

What do you think of these cupcakes?

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  1. They look amazing and yummy! I want to eat them, but I don't think I would be able to :)


  2. These are so cool! I got some socks for christmas which were bundled up to look like icing inside silicone cupcake cases! Guilt and calorie free! xx

  3. they're not real cupcakes?! they look so delicious! xxx

  4. they look so yummy. I don't know how I would even use them. I'd just display them :)


  5. OMG I thought these were cupcakes until I read 'soapy'!! They are so pretty x

  6. Genuinely thought these were cupcakes until I read it, these look soo lovely! xx

  7. I would try to eat them or it could be a good prank for someone because they look so realistic :D

  8. These look so delicious! At a first glance I thought they were edible until I read they were to take to bath! Haha. xD