Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Perfectly Party-Proof Lips: MAC Cherry

Hello everybody.
& yet again another lip product.
I have to admit lip and cheek products are my ultimate make up vice, can you tell?

This post is about one of my  "Happy Christmas To Me" purchases over the holidays and the decision was enabled much after reading Milly aka Pearls And Poodles MAC Cherry Lip Pencil Post. (I just love her).

This lip pencil creates the most bold and beautiful lip and pairs up with MAC Ruby Woo perfectly. To ensure a red lip all day and all night I tend to line and shade my lips, adding a little lipstick to seal in the colour and it really works a treat. no movement or running whatsoever.

I'm a little disappointed with my swatch as I took this picture with my light tipper quite late in the evening. 
(Worth purchasing to take images in the winter but takes a little getting used to..!)
The colour is a lot more vibrant in real life and delivers a beautiful pop of statement red...step aside Marilyn!

In Other news:
  • Had a really good week of exercising last week and feeling really good for it. I've been working overtime this week and after arriving home at 7pm all I wanted to do was eat my tea, have a bath and get to bed. I shall be paying for this missed trip on Wednesday and the pangs of guilt are defiantly kicking in today.
  • I will be starting back at circuit training on Thursday, hopefully this will motivate me further
  • Really enjoyed reading Michelle's post on Freelance Writing. I am still saving and reading her blog really motivates me in trying to be better with my cash, worth a look I promise!


  1. ohh this is lovely. I have a few red MAC lipsticks and would love a MAC liner to go with it xxx

  2. Lovely lip color! I adore Michelle's blog. She is such an inspiration!

  3. This is lovely! I really need a red lip liner! I'll have to look at this!:D xxx

  4. i have this and it's fab! i love using it to brighten up dark lip colour like diva by mac too xxx

  5. Urgh, MAC lipliners just look YUM. And that colour is delicious, great shout! Enjoyed this post :)
    And if you ever stop by my blog, please do say hi :)

    Kerry x
    from Kerralina

  6. I love this liner! I usually just wear it on its own. x

  7. Gorgeous colour, really is party-proof!


  8. I am so nervous to use lip liner! When I get my makeup professionally done they always use it- to great effect, but I feel like when I do it- I just look fakey. Your lips look fab, though!! xoxo