Sunday, 13 January 2013

Accessories: Affordable Statement Spikes.

Hello everyone and a very warm Sunday to you.
This weekend has been a revelation because I’ve realised how much can be done when not wasting all of a Sunday with a hangover.
Yesterday I went up the mountain with my boyfriend and the dog and despite it being freezing I really enjoyed the walk. This morning I was in the gym hitting the treadmill at 10:30, it must be January fever that’s all I can put it down to.

I had to write a little post about these bags because their beautiful, on trend and really affordable. I’ve seen the a lot of similar bags out and about and they are dupes for some of Topshops and Zaras studded and spikes accessory offerings.

I bought these bags separately on two different trips to Primark.
The cream bag appealed to me because firstly I love gold and wear a lot of gold accessories when I go out. I also think the cream bags style could work very well styling future spring/summer months outfits (yes I am aware I’m getting ahead of myself a little but there you go!) it also has a cream tassel which is a nice added touch.

The black clutch on the other hand is a little more edgier, the eviler of the siblings so to say. Styled correctly this black number can be used as a nod to the spike trend rather than dressing head to toe in black and spikes. It could be used to crank up an outfit a notch. I also think this
bag would compliment my Jeffrey Campbell Damsels perfectly.
Both bags are PU leather and like an oversized pencil case. They are the perfect size to fit all of our essentials. I am not usually one to splash out on Primark bags but I have been very impressed with these two.

These lovely bags are available from Primark for £8 each.

What do you think of them?


  1. Ooh i saw these recently but didn't buy them. Wish i had!

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. I got that nude one the other day, I love it, it looks so much more expensive than it is!
    Sadly, I didnt see that Black one but it's lovely! xxx

  3. I love these, really need to get myself down to Primark!

    Zoe |

  4. i've had the cream one for a while i love it! so easy to style goes with everything and such a bargain topshop have pretty much the same bag in other colours but way more expensive! x

  5. Ah I've got both of these, perfect bags!xx

  6. You know i saw them before my spending ban started and wish I'd picked them up!!
    Do you think if i save up change it would count if i bought them with that?!
    They'd be perfect for the summer.

  7. Love them! And I love Primark for having such great pieces for super cheap! <33


  8. Gorgeous! I also have the Nudey/Pink one! Goes with everything! :D

  9. The nude pink one is pretty

  10. Hey, i've nominated you for the versatile blogger awards :) xo

  11. I bought the pink one recently and love it! I really want the black one too, they are such bargains(:

  12. Ah I do love studs and spikes! <3 I actually bought bags exactly like these in the same colours from Matalan of all places!? Definitely no point in paying double the price for basically the same item from Topshop when u can find them in cheaper places! Love these :)x

  13. The bags are so gorgeous, I picked the nude one up the other day in Primark and I love it! So similar to the Topshop ones but for waaaaaaay cheaper. Win win situation :-)

    I know this is the wrong place to ask but Im just new to blogging and I was wondering how you get a picture of yourself on the side, IVE LOOKED EVERYWHEEEEEREEE. My blog is so plain and boring at the moment and I just really want to add a picture to it. If anyone knows please let my know, I would really appreciate it x

  14. These bags are gorgeous I have the black one from Primark and my friend had it from topshop and they are basically identical! xo