Wednesday, 9 January 2013

17 Beehive: The Perfect Nude

Any beauty blogger could sympathise with the quest for "the perfect nude". 
It is THE hardest thing to find a daytime appropriate nude lipstick that doesn't wash out and simultaneously compliments your skintone.

Now I must admit I found mine in MACs Plink! 
Which is a wonderful lip-gloss like formula which pigments and hydrates the lips- but finding a highstreet alternative seemed to be almost impossible, even the Revlon lip tint in Honey seemed too pink and almost cartoon like for my skin colour and many lipsticks were far too drying. This was until I tried 17s Beehive which is not a stranger within the Blogging community, in fact its always received very good reviews.

The 17 mirror shine lipstick used to be in a green reflective packaging which if I'm honest offended my "black and classic" nature. Since the mirror shine lipsticks have been repackaged they are significantly more pleasing to my eye. Not only that but they also contain a super handy mirror which I think is a cute and practical little touch.

The new packaging is sleek and study enough to withstand being chucked about in my handbag.

As you can see by the swatch the colour pay off is very slight but for me that is perfect for daytime use- I really dont have a lot of time in the day to be checking and re-applying my lippie so for me this is a great choice.

Have you ever tried the 17 mirror shine range, did you like them?


  1. Beehive is one of my favourite nudes too. I'm so glad it's been repackaged, the new packaging looks super chic in comparison to the old packaging! x

  2. wow thats such a lovely colour! I think I have swatched it a few times but never got around to buying it. I agree, the packaging is miles better! I dont know what they were thinking with the old packaging! haha :) xxx

    Sugar and Spice

  3. Oh my gosh I love the new packaging!:D So much better than the greeny/blue ickyness!xxx

  4. havent tried this but it looks gorgeous so may have too xx

  5. This is one of my Favourite sheer lipsticks, so easy to wear! xo

  6. Haven't used this before but it looks lovely, quite similar to Mac's 'shy girl' which I use everyday so it may be a cheaper alternative! xx

  7. This is a beautiful shade, and I agree with you about the packaging! I like classic and clean looking tubes :)

    Http:// xxx

  8. this is such a lovely colour. I do find though it shows up any dry bits on my lips for some reason. x

  9. This shade looks lovely..the new packaging looks sooo much better, a lot more classic and chic..definitely going to have check this out now xx

  10. I LOVE the Mirror Shine collection and I have 3 of them! Amazing value.



    Em’s Mixed Bag

  11. Great packaging. I think it's a definite improvement!

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