Monday, 7 January 2013

Sale Bargains- Jeffrey Campbell Damsel

May I introduce to you the Damsel.
These shoes rightfully deserve the wow factor.
I was interested in the spike shoe trend but thought they were extremely overpriced and kind of over replicated. The only spike shoes I would have been happy with were the Jeffrey Campbells but I just wasnt prepared to pay the price and was more than satisfied with my Burgundy Jeffrey Campbell Litas  well this is until Soletrader had their sale.

Believe it or not I got these shoes for £30, RRP is £145. I believe that is a similar price to the Primark lita replicas .So I was more than happy to pay for real leather shoes with the striking hardware.

 I just cannot wait to wear these with a really girly simple outfit to give the look a punch. The only thing is the huge platform makes my 5ft9 height more closer to the 6ft mark.....but that has never stopped me before.

I must say as far as sale bargains go these must be among one of my biggest triumphs, but that wouldn't be without a thanks to Stephanie aka Nerd About Town posting about this steal on Instagram.

What do you think of these shoes, would you wear them?
Whats your best ever sale bargain been?


  1. OMG what a bargain! Jealous! They are absolutely amazing but I would probably break my neck trying to walk in them! haha xxx

  2. I love spike boots! I hot the primark ones and really love them. In my corner of canada nobody has them ;) i hot some great pairs at charity shops for 3$ lately

  3. Braver than I am with te platforms, but love the studs! xx

  4. WHOA! Those shoes are STUNNING! I'm totally jealous, especially with the bargain you got! Congrats on that!
    I'm loving the spike look (actually have been loving it whether it's in or out of style haha!) I think it looks so chic! Especially with a girly outfit like you mentioned!

  5. what an amazing bargain! so jealous these are gorgeous totally agree they will give a girly outfit a great twist x

  6. £30!??! :O I thought Office had a good sale! Man,I need to get on Soletrader! (No, you have spent far too much on shoes already! :P) But these are amazing! <3

  7. Daaaaaaaaaamn! Those are pretty and ridiculously huge! Shame I can't wear most shoes because of my feets and having to have orthotics and stuffs though saves me a fortune not buying the heels my heart lusts for!

    Lizzums x

  8. Yeyyy! I'm so tempted to get a pair and literally wear them to the airport to save them being in my baggage weight! #loveagoodbargain !

    XOXO - Your biggest fan.

  9. I got these too! They are so amazing, cannot wait to wear them out.

  10. WOW! What a bargain! I didn't even know things got reduced THAT much!

    Lovely shoes, and height is never a bad thing!!

    Http:// xxx

  11. What a stunning pair of shoes and at such a great price - How could anyone resist?

  12. ohhh I need Jeffrey capbell shoes in my life ! they are GORGEOUS !

    x Liyana

  13. OMG how cheap lucky you , I have the same problem but I can't find a place with a good deal:(