Sunday, 2 September 2012

How To Be Financially Glamorous

Oooo heck shes gone all serious on us again. 
I write this post for many reasons.
Amongst all of the blogs I regularly read one of my absolute favourites is called Making Sense Of Cents, a financial blog that always leaves me feeling empowered and inspired.

 I really like it because it written in such an honest and candid manner. It is written anonymously and sets financial targets and goals, highlights methods of saving money and suggests clever ideas aimed at making that savings account look much more healthier. But its not as easy as setting goals and achieving them, sometimes she fails. She evaluates, re-assesses and carries on always maintaining an honesty throughout, and unlike the financial articles that state "behave in this way and you will be financially secure" she is a human being who loves travel and faces all the temptation we all encounter practically every month...that may be just me? regularly.


I write this because for me personally there is a huge loom of change in the air.
  • I have finished university, and whilst working I am awaiting to commence my "big girl job" in the next couple of weeks which will be a daily 80 miles commute (50 mins drive each way).
  • My parents home is up for sale- this is a tricky one. Financially based on research I will find it extremely difficult to afford the commute and stay in the area I have lived in for the past 11 years. My parents also have the intention of moving even further from my place of work when they sell the house.
  • I am a complete beauty/fashion o holic (this blog is excellent proof of this) and this provides the majority of the problem.

Firstly I dont have any student debt and almost miraculously I came out of university with some savings allbeit small. Whilst my family home is up for sale I am making my mission to save as much as possible so I have as many options open to me for when I move out.

It goes without saying that social media, advrsising, news blogs etc generally indulge the "I want it and I want it now" culture. Heck I have tweeted fellow bloggers in the past brandishing them with the enabler label...and Ive been accused of enabling too. Fashion, beauty moves fast and sometimes an inadequacy is inclined on those that fail to keep up which is wrong.

So How Am I Going To Do It?

  1. Work to Play, Play To Work- Im sorry but as much as locking myself away from the world and saving for a period of time could seem like a resolution it would make me miserable. Saying that I plan to budget for those special yet obligatory occasions (birthdays), budget and plan what to wear in advance and put my wardrobe half filled with one time occasion dresses to good use.
  2. Save Immediately- I have a number I wish to save every month. I use online banking and have 3 accessible accounts. One main account, one Laboutin fund account, and my main savings. On payday I move that amount over leaving me with my funds for the month ahead. Simples.
  3. Year Of Versatility- On those occasions I DO go shopping I will be sticking to my Year Of Vesatility goals. Some trends go as soon as they arrive, some are in my wardrobe from their last appearance. Classics however remain

 This isn't anything radical its just being disciplined enhanced awarness, on the whole I am pretty good at saving. Its just the consistent flow of shopping throughout the month that is the problem. A/W is currently presenting me with overwhelming desire to get myself weather ready...when really I have a load in the loft stored away for this season. Regardless I will be making a consious effort to use more of what I already have.

Do let me know your thoughts
What are your spending downfalls?
Are you good with money?


  1. Great post and good luck to you. I have been setting money aside as well and find it so hard to keep it untouched! Let us know how this goes ! x

  2. Thanks so much for the super kind mention! My spending problems definitely involve clothes. I just have to avoid malls and shopping altogether.

  3. Great post, I need to make a better effort to save too! x

  4. Great post!



  5. I think more people should have a plan when it comes to finances because they live like there's no tomorrow and act shocked when everything it gone. Sure,it's not easy,but I agree with your way of planning

    x Joanna @ The Treasure Chest

  6. Greaat post :)

    Sophierosehearts, currently having an 100 follower giveaway :) x

  7. Fab post hun!! You have inspired me!!!xxx

  8. I totally agree with your post. Honestly I never read about such things as savings on a beauty blog, being a blogger its really hard to save because a new products gets released so often and sooner or later it starts buzzing around the blogosphere. This post was inspiring, I dont spend as much money on makeup as others do and sometimes it does put me down but in the end i rather save then spend money on makeup that I won't use that often.

  9. This post was brilliant! I like how honest you are about the money side of life. I graduated 2 years ago from uni and am still looking for that "grown up job" this has really inspired me. Good luck with your savings :-)


  10. Great post, good luck! I think I'm quite good with money, but I've had to get much better very quickly as I have a baby due in 9 weeks! xx

  11. It's important to have some savings :) Mine are for my future home! At the moment I cannot save as much as I'd like, as I'm paying my UK rent while being away for a few months. It helps that I'm staying at my parents!

    Hopefully you'll do great on your goals, keep us posted :)

  12. It is completely possible to achieve what you have but few people think out their options like you did. I keep beauty in the budget by hitting clearances and annual sales. Scoring bargains is another way to save money.