Monday, 3 September 2012

Sunny Autumn Sunglasses.

Oh the irony Autumn has hit and so far its been gloriously sunny and still quite mild.

When it comes to expensive sunglasses I give them a big thumbs up.
I treated myself to a pair of Carerras last summer, similar here and they are still a treasured and essential piece kept in my car to this day, and I plan to keep them for years to come. I think when it comes to expensive investment pieces you have to consider their longevity, the more classic you go the longer you will get good wear of them.

It goes without saying that Wayfarers are rocking at the top of the sunglasses consortium at the moment, and they look to stay at the top over the coming sunny Autumn months. Below Ive had a good search and found some styles I believe to be versatile investment pieces.

I have to confess my absolute favourites are number 5. I have always fancied some D&G sunglasses and I think this particular style is incredibly classic and something that would remain stylish for years to come. I also love no.2 Ive never really had Vivienne Westwood sunglasses on my radar before but this pair are feminine with beautiful rose gold detailing. I came back from Thailand with five RayBan replicas and I love mixing those up. I owned a pair similar to 3 and unfortunatly broke them :(

Will you be wearing sunglasses over the autumn months?


  1. I allowed myself to splurge on a nice pair of Oakley's last month. Until then, I had always worn cheap sunglasses. But wow can I tell the difference :) Found you from Making Sense of Cents (love her!) and I'm your newest follower!

  2. I will definitely wear sunglasses throughout the autumn, because I don't have a good eyesight and I always try to protect me eyes. I love the D&G ones and the first Ray Ban's. :))


  3. I love the ray ban aviator classics. All great choices picks!

  4. Love the sunglasses!




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