Friday, 31 August 2012

Transitional Pieces: How To: Crop Top

Hey everyone!

So Again I'm coming over all practical. I really don't know what has come over me!
I dont know about you guys but I have over indulged on the crop top trend. I now have all of these super-pretty-but-only-worn-once crop tops in my wardrobe and not a clue when they'll get another outing again. Familiar?

You may remember in January I proclaimed in my year of fashion versatility.  
(I look so different in that post)
Well this is very fitting.

What Im wearing:

Disco Pants: Ebay
Denim shirt: Primark
Bralette: Primark

Nails: Essie Figi

What I've done with this outfit is layer it up a little with a denim shirt over the top.
I was off for Sunday lunch this day so I did my shirt up and rid of my cheeky flesh flash at the bottom.
May I also add that I am loving my Ebay disco pants. So comfy. For all you 10/12s or above I assure you you CAN get out of them and their not nearly as scary on.  
(I had a real life fear of major flesh overhang)
Getting them from ebay was a tactical choice to test if I wanted the real things and so far I'm impressed.

I really urge you ladies to have a pop at light summer layering. I just think this bralette has such a pretty print its a shame to not utilise it.

Camera focus was a little lacking in image 2 I so apologise for that. I also have totally given up on the British tan conept and gone back to my beloved St Tropez. I give up I really do.

How do you get the most out of your clothes?


  1. That outfit looks lovely and it really compliments your figure, I love that denim shirt Ive been wanting one of them :) x

  2. Great post/idea, lovely outfit :)


  3. You do look so different from then but a good different :). Love how you styled this, almost everyone has these statement pieces in there closet! You look gorgeous btw <3 xx

  4. You look AMAZING darling! Love the bralet and how you styled it :) xx

  5. Great idea with the crop top and denim shirt! After hating the disco pants at first I am now starting to be converted. They do look really good with so many things! :) xx

  6. ahh I've wondered about this product! the texture looks amazing! :)

  7. I think that's a great solution for your crop top. I love the denim shirt with the black pants.

  8. The outfit looks amazing :) really want some of the disco pants :) xxx

  9. Love this outfit! The crop top is super cute and Fiji is my fav Essie polish! xx