Sunday, 29 July 2012

Trend: Studs & Spikes

Hello there.
Today Ive collated some bits that I have seen much of in around Internet-shopping-land.

Studs and spikes are everywhere at the moment and being featured in a lot of next seasons releases. 
Here there are lots of different bits and bobs to inspire you in the studs and spikes department (oooo er!). I really like how you can take a really girly outfit and rock it up a little bit with some added metal.

1.Studded Mini Messenger Bag- Zara Link
2. Studded Shoulder Jumper- Topshop Link
3. Spike Ear Cuff- ASOS Link
4.Stud Detailing Black Holdall - Topshop Link 
5. Individual Brass Pyramid studs- Ebay Link
6. Studded Slippers Zara Link
7. Studded Grey Marle Vest- Glamourous Link 
8. Stud Slippers- Ebay Link
9. Gold Double Spike Bracelet- ASOS Link 
10. Stud And Spike Shoes- Ebay Link

As a big lover of embellishments its obvious that the amount of effort in producing such items is reflected in the price (their a bit fiddly you see). With that in mind I have included some pyramid brass studs so that if you ever felt like giving studding a go yourself who am I to stop you!
Saying that I must admit I have some Levis still hanging up waiting to be studded. I hope this collection of items shows that when it comes to spikes and studs it needn't be in your face scary and gothy, sometimes a subtle stud or spike can really accent an outfit or bring it up to trend.

Do you like the studs and spike trend?


  1. I've been loving the stud trend :) In fact, I seems like I cannot own enough studded shoes haha xx

  2. I really love the topshop jumper! xx

  3. Ahh Zara simply do make the best bags. It is a simple fact. And I love No 10 shoes. I can see myself wearing them to many drunken night outs. And falling fabulously all over in the place in them.

    Gemma x

  4. So many studs! I'm in love! Love the top from Glamorous! Nx

  5. Loving the tan bag!
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    Happy Monday Hun xoxo
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  6. I love the bracelet. I really do like how studs can add to another wise too girly outfit.

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  7. Oh I really like the number 8 shoes:-) NIKA

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  8. What a gorgeous-looking product, almost too pretty to use! x

  9. Love the look of studs and spikes but dont own any myself xxx