Monday, 30 July 2012

MAC Heavenly Creatures: Supernova

Firstly a little apology.
This blog is getting a little cluttered with MAC MAC MAC.
I promise this is the last post for well....a while.
You see I had a little haul and the items were so beautiful they simply deserved their own pictures and posts.As you all know I am a sucker for pretty things.

Now this little fella is a beaut.
The colour intensity is a deep fuschia and reminds me a little of MACs dollymix wrapped up nicely in gold.
The colour is highly pigmented and buildable but requires a light hand.
Considering this collection was released July I intend on setting this blush aside for autumn and  winter as a bright fuschia looks better on my skin when slightly paler.

So for now I will keep the crazy lady habit of digging it out every so often and just basking in its beauty.

(here is it swatched only very lightly)

I have nipped over to MAC online only to find this mineralize blush is sold out, so if you wish to get your hands on this shade I highly recommend you visit your local MAC counter.
I must however give an honourable mention to Solar Ray which is in stock an equally beautiful.

Have you ever tried mineralize blushes?
Are there any alternative brands I should be aware of? I do love the Accessorize baked blushes!


  1. It's so pretty! Even just to look at!:) x

  2. Aah this swirly thing is LOVE. :D

  3. This is very, very pretty. I wouldnt want to use it though for fear of ruining it!

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  4. Absolutely gorgeous colour! Looks lovely. Know what you mean about that sort of shade looking better on paler skin. Following you now!

  5. Hi, I love your blog! This blush is beautiful! It would be great if you could check/follow mine x x x

  6. I really want to get one of these blushes! They look so pretty :)

  7. It looks so pretty :) xxx