Saturday, 28 July 2012

The RI SALE Playsuit

Hey there chikas!
I don't know about you but I am loving the weather at the moment.
I am permanently in flip flops and relishing every ray like its the just cant tell with Britain's crazy weather system!

Today I'm wearing a playsuit I picked up on the ASOS sale.
I dont know about you but at River Island stores I just dont seem to ever find anything particularly fruitful when it comes to their sales.

Having it online seems to cut out the middle man and I got some great bargains especially with sale prices and a further 10% off at the till which was on offer at the time....*score*.

Apart from its usual potential transitional piece gorgeousness I love how quaint and structured this is.
The shorts are beautiful and I love the floral pattern which also boarders paisley
I love that their high waisted.
The shirt is an off white almost crochet effect in a  floraly patterns.

Its just one of those outfits you can throw on and look like you've made a big effort..even though you haven't!

The playsuit features gorgeous gold button detail.

I do apologise for my blatantly half arsed hair but my god it was humid when I took these pics!
Looking at these pictures I seem quite tanned. I have been working outside all week. But the room was a little dark while I took these and thankfully it may have gone in my favour! mwhaha.

I got this playsuit for £28 reduced from £40 and its still in stock here so hurry!

Do you like wearing this style of playsuit?


  1. Eeep, that is SO pretty, & you look just lovely xxx

  2. Such a lovely outfit! xx

  3. You have such an impressive blog :-) New follower from , would love if you follow me back <3 <3 <3 xxxx

  4. this playsuit is so lovely!!! I'm so tempted to go order it right now! love your nail polish colour as well, what is it called? like you i have been sat out in the garden all week whilst its been sunny i love this weather, lets hope it stays!!!
    sophia xxx

  5. @WonderfulYou, @Sian @Sana Sadiq Thank you very much lovely ladies :)

    @Beauty isn't Makeup Haha its such a nice pice to wear. It is indeed Essie Tart Deco I have blogged about it if you do a little searchy search. Fingers crossed for fab weather!


  6. Love this playsuit! It looks so nice on you :) I really want to buy a playsuit, they always look rather comfy aha :) xxx

  7. Love this outfit, the shorts just add lots of fun while still being chic! Your nail polish color is also so pretty. I am def following your blog. Check out my blog and follow back if you like it :)

  8. Love it! I love wearing playsuits! :) xxx