Monday, 23 July 2012

Japonesque Lash Gadgets

My love for Japonesque is something I haven't ever kept quiet.
I love their brushes and particularly their face powder brush.

Its become clear that Japonesque are all over lashes at the moment.
They want them BIG DEFINED and THICK.
...I really couldn't argue.

Japonesque Heated Mini Eyelash Curler
Available at:

Pink, pocket sized and practically fool proof, whats not to love?
This travel friendly heated eyelash curler enables defined curl from close to the root.
Battery operated it heats up rapidly.

The only eyelash experience I can compare this to is the good ol'
"heat your eyelash curlers with the hairdryer and use as a makeshift (not forgetting dangerously hot) curler."

As you can imagine my japoneque heated lash experience was far superior.
I have however kept these babies far far away from my fake lashes. The smell of burning plastic just doesn't do it for me.
For some added 'juj' this pocket sized gadget really cranks up the lash glam stakes and it super easy for a clumsy individual such as myself.

Now this little beauty got me all hot and bothered...with initial confusion.
After my innocence of thinking I had just opened a dusty mascara I was completely fascinated by this concept.

The general fluffiness is applied to one layer of mascara and thickens the lashes creating a "fake but not fake" look. Another later and your lashes are significantly defined.

I have never seen anything like this and love the clever gadget-ness thinking behind this product.

Japonesque Lash Definer

Now this is fairly self explanatory.
Its one of those products you don't realise you needed until you have one.
(Real Techniques Stippling brush anyone?)

It shames me to admit I used to use a pin to separate my lashes.
I just like this little tool because it aids brilliantly in dividing lashes without lashing on layers of mascara...forgive the pun...couldn't help myself.

My only gripe is this just doesn't work with the thickening mascara fibres above as it just brushes the effect out.

Lastly...the lashes...que arabian-esque eye shot.
With large dose of summer freckles.

What are your holy grail Lash products?


  1. I would really like to try this, ive only tried Japonesque tweezers and lash curlers. x


  2. Never tried any Japonesque products! xxx

  3. i was just as innocent when seeing you photo of the mascara. does it really look "fake but not really" and how does it feel on the lashes?

    btw,found you on the BBU Blog Hop so I hope you feel followed now :)