Thursday, 17 May 2012

Thank You- Im still here!

Hey guys!
I know from a blogging perspective Ive been considerably absent.
Just to let you all know where I'm at at the moment I am in the final weeks of finishing university altogether.

I have two more assignments to finish and then I am free, finished, done.
This is ridiculously daunting.
At the moment I'm finishing my university work, applying for jobs and preparing for a three week holiday in Thailand.

Those of you that may have followed my blog from fairly early on know that I travelled Thailand for 5 weeks last year with a friend. 
Since then Thailand's had a bit of my heart. 
This time my boyfriend is coming with me. I am super excited because it is such a beautiful country to share with someone. I want to show him the places that captured my imagination last year.

Just to thank you all for baring with me during such an important and busy time in my life.
I hope to back to normal blogging very soon.

Ive also reached over 500 subscribers thank all for your support.
Its almost incomprehensible that you guys like to read my beauty bits on this little space of mine.

I think I may pick up some Thai goodies and do a giveaway for when Im back.
Thanks again!



  1. good luck pretty lady! get all that work done and get on with the holiday! xx

  2. Have fun travelling- make the most of your freedom before you get a full time job after university! <3 xo

  3. Well done for reaching over 500 subscribers. I know the feeling of being bothered with university work, but once it's done, it will be done forever. Hope you enjoy you're holiday!

    Love your blog, I'm following