Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Review MUA Siren Lashes With Duo Lash Glue

If you cast your minds back a few weeks I did a post about
It was my first real getting nitty gritty experience of MUA, and what a good investment it turned out to be.
In particular I'm still eternally in love with my Sweet Kiss Lip Balm, and enjoying bursts of my MUA Extreme felt eyeliner.

An item that really got a reaction though were the siren lashes I purchased. Mainly due to the realisation that MUA 'do' lashes.

Now these aren't to be taken lightly. Even the most confident-lash wearing Essex girl would give off a little quiver in their stilettos at the sight of these bad ass lashes. They give a huge amount of volume.
If your after a natural look I would probably suggest some of the other lashes MUA have to offer.

This maybe a myth but in my experience relatively low cost lashes usually coinsides with relatively cheap crappy glue....in all defence to MUA I didn't try theirs. Ive lost count of the amount of times that 'goddess' who left for a night on the town turned into a raving drunk with lashes hanging off from the corners of her face. Worse still with a hangover the next day glancing over last nights photographed antics on Facebook its there for all of your acquaintances and school friends from yonder to see.

I came across duo when tweeting to ask for lash glue recommendations.
(probably when recovering from above mentioned hangover)
My choice is a black glue, I find that once my Ive lined my eyes it just seems to blend better than a clear glue, and with my precision I need all the help I can get. I got mine from Ebay for £5.10 here
So far Duo has never let me down.

So equipt with Duo and my MUA Siren lashes and other clothing related clobber I headed to Liverpool for a Disney themed princess party. These lashes are so outrageous they fit the bill for my Princess attempt of Ariel.

Face: Chanel Mat Lumiere
Eyes: MUA Immaculate Collection
Lips: Mac Ruby Woo
Hair: Joke Shop Red Spray- no really.
Que wonderful Iphone picture!
It didn't seem right to write about them and not give you a preview as they look a little tame just chilling on their own.

On the whole I found that the MUA strips were nice and thin unlike my little Hong Kong exports I occasionally wear, and required a little trimming but that was just to get a good fit. Most importantly they stayed on night until I got that amazing release of pulling them off back at the apartment before bed. Ahh.

MUAs lashes are only £2 and are on their website
I'm really liking the look of Glam and Flair for my next lashes wish list.

What Are Your Favourite Lashes?


  1. great to see a positive review as i have just purchased 2 sets of lashes!x

  2. you make a great Ariel! xx

  3. You make such a good Ariel, the lashes look great.


  4. those lashes look so nice on you!xxx

  5. so pretty! you look just like ariel! new follower, can't wait to catch up on your posts!

  6. You look so pretty wearing them like that! For normal wear though.. no way in hell. I dislike false lashes as is but they're so strong and false and tbh of a lot of the girls I knew wore them, they'd look a lot like hookers. D: Perfect for stage and dress up though! They are very brave lashes! You need that special look to pull them off!

  7. Fun lashes!!! I just started following your blog! Check out mine if you like!


  8. i like those lashes. duo eye lash glue is my favorite

  9. you look gorgeous!! come check out my blog too <3

  10. love it! ni need some new lashes stat!

  11. The red hair and the eyelashes, you really remind me of Jessica Rabbit! Might have to grab myself some of that red hair spray, she is one smokin' toon haha! X

  12. Hello i follow your blog and have tagged you in a get to know you TAG


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  14. Those lashes make your eyes POP!

  15. Love the lashes and so cheap :)