Monday, 21 May 2012

The Bargain Karen Millen Ebay Dress

Hello you lot!
Can you guess what can cause this kind of smile?

Gin? ...quite possibly.
No BARGAINS spectacular Bargains!

Wedding season is upon us. At the ripe old age of 22 my friends are starting to graduate uni, get grown up responsible-type jobs, get engaged and talk about babies.
Its crazy because a few years ago conversation what constricted to WKDS and boys!

Well this summer I have been invited to by boyfriends cousins wedding, and although I probably could have winged a few of my 'special occasion numbers' hanging in my wardrobe they just don't quite give you the same glow as a new dress.

I found my dress on Ebay by Karen Millen for an eye watering £160.

Now this is where the detective in me comes into play.
You may remember my Christmas dress from French Connection that I also got for a reasonable price.

Well I had a little search and bought this for a bargainous £47 including p&p.

The dress is just above knee length in a gorgeous red and black silk.
It has a stunning red corsage and is asymmetric.

It really is a well made quality piece.
It sinches in around your good bits and fits perfectly.

Tips for bagging a special occasion dress are:
  • Get an idea of what you'd like- look thought ebay or online clothes shops.
  • Narrow it down and start watching these items on ebay- typically if their second hand they will be a lot cheaper.
  • Get an idea of price- this will allow you to see if this item may be within budget.
  •  Bid may not win the first auction just keep a look out for the same item available from a different seller.
If you like my dress then Ive dug some links out for you below:

Corsage Karen Millen Dress in Size 10
Corsage Karen Millen Dress in Size 10

Corsage Karen Millen Dress in size 12
Corsage Karen Millen Dress in size 12

Those are the only reasonably priced so I apologise to you ladies of other sizes.
Ebay is a like a beach...forever changing in landscape!

Ooo Ive had a another crack at YouTube videos.
I shall upload it tomorrow!
Best Wishes


  1. Love love love this. I may just have to treat myself after I finish exams!

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

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  3. Great find ;-) It's very pretty, VLL @

  4. So pretty, haven't seen anything like that around! :) xx

  5. that dress is amazing! love it!


  6. This dress looks gorgeous on you :) I love the shoulder detail!

    Frances xx

  7. The dress looks amazing on you! xx

  8. You look simply amazing in that dress :)
    Nice bargain you grabbed there too!