Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A brilliant Cheek Double Act.

Every so often and usually by fluke I come across a beauty double that just works brilliantly. 

I bought this Topshop creme blush in Flush at Christmas time.
The dilemma I was pronounced with was application.
You see its all too easy with creme blush to cross the boundary of "flushed" to just plain embarrassed and applying to the apples and bending just didn't give me the look I was comfortable with which ultimately let me to crawl back to my beloved powders.

May I add that this blush is much more frightening in real life- but the last year I have been consumed with a love for bright blushes and lipsticks. The more outrageous the better.

So when I received my Japonesque rounded brush It seemed like a perfect resolution. This brush can be used to apply concealer, powder and foundation.
. But because its  of the travel variety its small and accurate making it a really good creme blush companion.

The blogger in me cant help but spot a bit of Samantha Chappman Real Techniques stippling foundation brush/Sigma F80 likeness here and the concept is the same .The bristles are to a point and this helps with stippling and flawlessness.

At the moment I am in the rhythm of applying my face makeup like this:
Foundation: Real Techniques
Creme Blush: Japonesque
Lightly stipple over the top with Real Techniques to blend.

For me it works really well and tempts me towards buying more Topshop makeup and creme blushes in general.

What I most love about Japonesque is their available at Boots
Do you apply creme blushes with a brush?
Have you ever considered creme blush?


  1. Sometimes I get put of cream blushes for this vert reason, but I particularly like the idea of going over it after application with your stippling brush - think I'll try that!

    Lea x

  2. Ooh, could we have a picture of it actually on? It does look terrifying in its pot! So...wet...

    Emily x

  3. great post! that brush looks amazing! i usually apply creme blush with my fingers! i find thats the best way to control how much goes on, maybe i should invest in this japonesque brushes! :)

  4. I need to invest in one of these brushes! Great blog post:-)

    Katie x

  5. this is why i dont really use creme blushes! thank you for sharing this!

  6. I love the look of this blush but I have to say cream blushes tend to scare me a tad as you say too much application can go drastically wrong but that brush looks to die for, I am a stickler for a good brush! I might have to check this out, being a fan of a peachy colour this looks like just the right mesh of both pinks, peaches and corals.


  7. Ooh this looks a bit like the Louise Young LY34 - giving that a try in the morning, thank you! My cream blushes get neglected :( x


  9. That's interesting, I have to try that:)

  10. I have never thought of using a brush to apply creme blush. Do you think a stippling brush would work as well. I'll have to try it. I just started following your blog today. amybe you could check out mine?


  11. hiya, bit random but i was awarded versatile blogger and have reposted it myself but as i havent really followed anyone that new i've just put my top 5 people that have got me coming back again and again - and you're one of them :) x

  12. Love the colour of that, I usually stay away from bright blushes but thats so pretty xx

  13. Love the colour! I don't own any creme blushes, I'm too much of a wimp ;) I'd end up like a clown!

  14. I guess I have to go try a Japonesque brush, now! i always see them at Ulta but never buy
    : ) i like to use the Maybelline Bouncy blushes which are cream-ish with an ecotools fun!

  15. This actually looks fab! I might have to try one!! And i'm always tempted by the Topshop make up counter but i never end up buying, sounds like it's worth it though!
    Would love it if you entered my competition!!

  16. I fnd with topshop blushes to apply them sparingly, then top with some powder blush over the top, lasts all day and looks natural!