Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Topshop Blogger Necklace

This necklace is a beaut.
It is noticeable blogger favourite as Ive seen this one a lot within fashion blogs recently.

Its a mix of  two rows of gold spikes on a silver chain.
I have to admit this caught my eye over a month ago but I was a little overwhelmed at the £14 price tag.
Fear not.
This necklace is in the Topshop sale at HALF PRICE!
*que angel music ahhhh*
So when purchasing this little number I couldn't help but feel a little smug.

Tying in with my Year of versatility I feel I can wear this necklace with nearly everything.
It looks great under collars, with dresses or over Maxis.

For instance here are some posts by LLYMRS wearing this necklace
Here, Here and Here.
(She is really is a fabulous fashion blogger)

Yesterday I wore this with a lovely spring jumper I recently got from H&M.
The knit is a pearlescent and a perfect powder pink and Ive been enjoying wearing it over dresses amongst other things.

In Other news:
I am practically a blonde...when I get round to it Ill have to put some pictures up

Theres approximately 2 week until my dissertation is due in- unfortunately blogging will have to take a mini back seat while I focus really hard for the last push....I feel ill at the volume of things I need to do.

I'm so close to finishing university the realisation is becoming increasingly scary!

Im off to see Drake tonight- I am super duper excited!



  1. I need to get this necklace! I have a black version that I actually bought from Topman haha :)

    Frances xx

  2. Wow ,love the Necklace ,looks great!


  3. that necklace is amazing, and its in the sale? bargain! have fun at Drake! xx

  4. oh i want this!!! i was looking in topshop the other day at thier half price jewlerry theyve got some great stuff in there! didnt spot this necklace though! :( oh well maybe i'll try another store! x

  5. OMG!!!! I have major necklace envy, hehe. Love it!!! Great buy Liz xxxx

  6. Looks beautiful, almost like bullet shells.

    Lea x

  7. Oooh looks so nice with the jumper! Good luck with your dissertation! That'll be me this time next year! aaah xxx

  8. Very cool necklace. I need to make jewellery like that! x

  9. I bought these necklace a few days ago in the sale, I was feeling rather smug too :-)

    Holli x

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  11. LOVE THIS NECKLACE!! Liz, its sooooo adorable!!

  12. The necklace is simple in design but beautiful handmade beads colorado