Sunday, 15 April 2012

Review- Montagne Jeunesse New Face Masks

This is a brand I can whole heatedly say has been a part of my life from a little 11 year old right through to adulthood.
I remember as a child buying these for sleep overs with my girly friends. It brings back all the nostalgia of the little me.
I actually have the Montagne Jeunesse lip balm and absolutely love it.

So when asked if Id like to try the Montagne Jeunesse Skin Heroes skin care products I was very quick to say yes!

This is a range of masks made specifically for certain skin problems

Whats noticeable about this range is that it is a 2 step system including the mask itself. I was excited to try this out as the masks have always left my skin wonderfully soft.
 I had a try of the Break-out mask.
My skin has been good to me lately. But with a noticeable breakout imminent on my forehead I thought Id give this one a try.
If you love tea tree you will melt at the smell of this mask. A few years ago my friends' boyfriend treated us both to a spa including a facial. The smell of this mask took me back to that treatment its a gorgeous smell. The texture is quite thick and the amount in the face mask sachet could possibly allow two masks if you used them sparingly.

(The things I do for you lot!)
Do you think we could be sisters?
Here's my best Princess Fiona impression!

As Ive let the mask dry its become tight like a second skin its like growing scales. The smell is still lush though! mmmm.
After my mask has set I applied the Rapid Action Moisturiser.
Bearing in mind this is tea tree based Ive kept it well away from my eyes.
I applied a generous amount and let it soak into my skin. The formulation is really tingly in a nice way.

This is such a lovely product and for £1.49 its a little bit of luxury without the pinch.
Personally I prefer the moisturising masks so I'm really looking forward to trying the Dry Skin Mask next along with the shine control mask. I usually tend to pick these up two for £1, theres always deals about.

These products are suitable for vegetarians and mostly natural ingredients.
The best bit is their available at Asda

So even if you live in the country like me your bound to stumble upon this product somewhere!

What do you think of these products?
Will you be tempted to try them?


  1. Ooooh these look amazing, I do love a good face mask :)

  2. I have these and there so affordable for a pound. I like the red one best ,I cant remember the name its been a while since I have tried these, I need to give them another go.

  3. these sound great, massive bargain as well! xx

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  5. Totally agree, I've been using these since my sleepover days :') still great products years and years later :) xx

  6. I have always wanted to use these but they don't do my sensitive skin any good. I think I used the heat one once and it didn't go well :(! They always look so fun and such a good price too!

  7. Wow is this a new range, I love this brand, like you I have used them fr many years :D


  8. I like that you're basically getting 2 products in 1! I'm going to treat myself to one of these cos I'm staying in a hotel for work later this week & am feeling a little pamper session coming on! X


  9. Ahh I love face masks! I've tried the cheaper ones of this brand but not these yet, I'll definitely go check them out:) x

  10. I love their face masks!
    Deff gonna be trying their new range :)

  11. I remember using these as a young teenager too! :) I loved them so thank you for reminding me about these masks. Will definitely give them a try again.

    And great blog btw! I am a new follower :)

    Monique x

  12. thanks so much for sharing!! these look awesome!! xoxo

  13. The chocolate face mask is my fave! I love using these when I remember to buy them!!xx

    thanks for the comment on my blog,

  14. I got sent the range by a PR.. wading my way through them.. mixed feelings right now!My fav product of theirs is still cucumber peel off!

  15. great post! I've seen these a lot but never tried them!
    just started following! id love for you to check my blog out and possibly follow!