Saturday, 17 December 2011

OOTD & New Hair!

Happy Saturday!!
I am buzzing today! I have Spotify on none stop playing Christmas tunes and others...I'm out tonight in THE gold sequin dress. Excited to wear it!

I have new hair...can you see?
no? Ok how about this one?

Whats been done?
Ive had a new 22" weave so Ive got length and volume back.
Highlights and cut now I'm a caramel all over. My hairdresser described it as "Beyonce caramel"- I quite like the idea of that. Closer to Beyonce...closer to godliness! haha.

I notice a lot of searches made that end up on my blog are Googling "weave"
If you have any questions or would like a more in depth post on European weave extensions please get in touch...I'm happy to help!

This dress is from Primark!
I love wearing dresses in daytime, Ive worn it with tights and boots today. I also love a cut off shirt. That trend seems to have followed us from the summer.
The dress is sheer and comes with a slip (which I'm wearing)
However if I'm feeling a little cheeky I can wear a skirt underneath the dress and flash a bit of bra....witwoo.
I like the collar and the different colours on the buttons...its cute!
In Other News
Ive officially started a MAC shadow palette..slow on the uptake!
...I blame Debenams for their 15% off beauty.
I will post my Secret Santa goodies soon

Wishing you all a fabulous last weekend before Christmas!
Love to you all


  1. Ahhh Please can I have your hair! It's gorgeous! :)
    Love the dress too, soo cute!
    Very jealous haha! :)


  2. Love the hair and dress your not the only one who has weaved it up!

  3. Loving your hair, so glamorous! xx

  4. Your hair looks incredible! and the dress is so cute! <3 have fun tonight in THE sequin dress!
    p.s-would love you to take part in my challenge

  5. Your hair looks amazing!!! :D

  6. i love your hair!! i really want mine doing i really need extra volume, would love to see a post all about it :) xx

  7. I am in love with your hair X

  8. I love your hair! Switch with me, mine stupidly short, fine maybe its past my bra, but not as long as yours. I need extra volume.

  9. I'm loving your hair!!!! It's so fab :-) Cute dress as well.

  10. Love your hair! Its so nice! The length and curl suits you so well :) xxx

  11. I Loveee your eye brows honey! You are so pretty :)
    Hair is BEAUTIFUL!

  12. Gorgeous hair!

  13. WOW!! your hair looks amazing, I love it!! xxx

  14. Oh my gosh your hair looks so gorgeous! If I were to go brunette this would totally be the perfect colour :) xxx

  15. Lovely hair! Please tell me more about European weaves, I know nothing, lol. How do they attach it to your head? I take it you can colour it? How long does it last? And how long does your natural hair have to be?

    Thanks so much!
    Monique x

    1. Mi Monique thank you for your comments. Hopefully this post will answer your questions here:
      if I can help you with anything catch me on twiter @Aspirationsofgl

      Hope thats of help to you

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  17. Is weave the sewn in, because I have had bonds in before and they irritated the HOLY HELL outta me!
    How much did it cost you and was it easy to maintain?