Friday, 9 December 2011

Back & All Excited For Christmas

Ohhh my gosh its been a crazy 3 weeks of deadlines..and I'm through the thick of it and on the home straight for CHRISTMAS!...Almost.
Just a little post for you all today but you'll be glad to know through my University 3rd year deadline woe I have been pitilessly accumulating dresses for the party season in some way of promising a reward of endless (well not quite) partying once all of the work is completed.
I now have 3 dresses. 
One only of which you have Christmas party dress.

Toady's post is sooo purrrty and that is Benefit's Powder Wowza

Firstly the packaging is in standard benefit cosmetics form...Im more of a sleek packaging kinda girl in all honesty but its a new bright addition to my makeup collection.
Don't let this picture  deceive you because this product is tiny..I mean generous for a borrower if you've ever watched the film but its enough to muddle your makeup brush through.
Makes a lovely travel item though.

But the colours oh my!
In the set we have the infamous Hoola (bottom right)
Coralista (top left)
and Bella Bamba (top right)

I bought this set with the view that the Benefit blushes are bloody expensive so in this way if theres ultimate love with any of the shades I could purchase in the distant future with an informed choice.
Gosh I never realised how serious that sounds!
In all honesty my main interest in the blush palette initially were to try out Hoola and Coralista...I mean in themselves their iconic, but the bizarre thing is its Bella Bamba I'm loving, maybe because of its red undertones for some reason I always reach for pink blush.
Maybe this is the start of a new sophisticated red blush phase I'm not sure.
I bought mine from ASOS with my handy Student Discount among other party the moment I believe its sold out.
But I know Debenams currently have a beauty discount of 15% so look out ;)

In Other News
I have received my secret Santa theyve done a wonderful job sending me products from researching my blog. I don't know who you are but I owe you a huge thank you. I am genuinely thrilled....and also typing this with sparkly gold tips on my nails!...more on this soon.

I missed my November favourites...I am aware of this damnn!

I am currently mad for OPI Best Of The Best. I am not a nail art kinda girl but my god my nails are changing so much because I'm eager to try all the colours!

I have so many new bits coming soon so stay posted...oh and I'm back!!

Catch you very soon


  1. I think this set is amazing value, just wish they did a few with different mixes

  2. I got my friend this for christmas! xx

  3. I wish I could spend all my money on benefit haha love their products

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  4. Welcome back and good luck with the rest of your deadlines. I'm so glad I haven't got to worry about those anymore, year three is a killer.

  5. Oh that looks really nice, I love Hoola! :D Awh thats really sweet, I love when people put effort into secret santa. Excited about these gold tip nails :P Hope you're well sweetie <3 xx

  6. i love this so much, i've been to my local benefit three times to fawn over it, but i'm not someone who looks good with blusher on so i can't bring myself to buy it :( xxx

  7. Oo I need to go and get this, or hope it appears in my Christmas presents, time to start dropping hints ;)