Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Ive found my Christmas Party Dress

Well I cant get this one out of my head..
Ive tried to shake it off.
I tried to look for a cheaper alternative.
I even looked to Ebay with a cheaper price.

I'm hooked.
For Christmas Its all about the Gold Samantha Dress.
(REF: French Connection)

Its the wrap around with deep plunge and short sleeves design that screams elegance and sophistication.
A truly special and sophisticated dress and I just cant it out of my mind!
This dress has had its own press coverage and in all honesty I'm not surprised.
(somehow I don't think my boobs will be bulging to the same effect as Chloe's!)
(REF: Daily Mail)
Id wear this dress with some skyscrapers and black large clutch.
The only thing that's got me gasping is the price £165!!
Que my take to Ebay to find it for a more reasonable price.
I bought my French Connection Penelope dress in this way. It is still a very treasured member of my wardrobe and I got it for just £10 over half of the price which isn't cheap but much more reasonable in my opinion.

The hunt begins!


  1. So pretty!! It looks like it would be a great party dress. I love it!

  2. that is such a gorgeous dress!

  3. Oh my god that dress is stunning! if it wasn't so expensive I'd definitely be running out to the shops to buy. I bet it's gonna look bloomin stunning on you too! :) xxxx

  4. OMG, beautiful dress!!!

  5. This dress is stunning! You'd definitely light up the room in that. ;)

    xx Jessica

  6. That dress is gorgeous!
    Lucy x

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  8. I bought this dress for my bday and it looked stuuuuuuuuuuning on! Only downfall is I keep seeing people wearing it now, which is incredibly annoying!

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