Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Graze mmm mmm mmm!

It was yesterday my free box popped through my letterbox from Graze.
Ive read bits and bobs about the company through different blogs and thought the company had a really brilliant little idea going on.

The packaging is adorable! 
The company's ethos pretty much reminds me of Innocent Smoothies, its adorable, witty and is environmentally minded promoting a healthy lifestyle.
There is a leaflet explaining all about the Graze concept and how it works.
Basically you choose a box either NibbleBox, EatWellBox or EnergyBox
All have various specifications based on your diet plan.
You then get to browse the NibbleBox contents by browsing Graze's selection of nibbles including seeds, dried fruit, breads etc and say whether you love like want to try or dislike.
I chose the NibbleBox. Heres what I received
Top Left: Strawberry Milkshake(dried strawberrys and banana with white chocolate drops)
Top Right: Apple & Cinnamon shortbread
Bottom Left: Cheddar Red onions and chutney on bread
Bottom Right: Billionaires shortbread (nuts, fudge pieces and cranberry's)

I have eaten 3 of the 4 and have been pleasantly surprised! My favourite being Billionaire's shortbread simply delicious. I am certainly going to order another. I couldn't say I would go as far as ordering one every week but as a healthy treat I highly reccommend for £3.50

On top of that I am being sent another free box to give to my mum courtesy of win situation!

To try a free Grazebox for youself enter this code:
Who knows even Graze may be for you too!!



  1. I keep seeing these pop up on people's blogs . . .hmmm, they do look rather interesting. May give it a try :).

  2. I got one of these too and i LOVED it... Definitely took away my hunger pains! xxx



  3. I LOVE graze box! They are brill!

  4. I keep seeing this all over the place! Kinda jealous, I checked the website, I don't think they ship to the US. I gotta find something like it over here. :)

    xx Jessica

  5. I've been getting these twice a week for about three months, love them! Just make sure you rate regularly so you get the things you really love! My abso faves are Toffe Apple dip and Bounty Hunter! Yumyumyumyumyum!

    ~ Lauren <3

  6. I've seen these around a couple of times and I do think they're a great idea, but I'm not much of a snacker myself, so not sure if this is really for me.

  7. I used to get Graze boxes a few years back, when they first came out, but stopped after a while as the novelty started to wear off (I had one-to-many packs of olives!). However, I have heard more about them recently and see they have more exciting options now and reading your post is tempting me to give Graze a second chance :-p

  8. These always pop up on blog, I really want to give these a go! :)
    Lucy x

  9. This looks amazing! I think I'll give them a go :D x