Thursday, 17 November 2011

Beautiful Bits From Your Fashion Jewellery & Giveaway

It was with an expectant pop through the post box I received two beautiful pieces of Jewellery.
Among many other advantages of having a Twitter account which I could probably fill an entire post filled with all the benefits. One of them is I come across companies I may not have seen or heard of before, and Your Fashion Jewellery is certainly one of them.

This company sells all sorts of fashion costume jewellery pieces and also has a celebrity inspired section which I am always drawn to.
I'm also loving their Elephant statement pieces- I went to see Alexandra Burke last weekend and she was wearing a big statement gold Elephant necklace and it was gorgeous! is she mind.

So with that in mind here is what I received:
Elephant Necklace

The detailing in this is mesmerising and it has little diamante detail to the design...especially on the trunk. Cute.

The chain is 28" and Ive had a lot of compliments about this piece since I received it. 
I guess I like it because Ive not seen anything similar before.

Here's the ring I got:
 I really am in love with this knuckle ring. Partly because on its own it looks like some sort of sea urchin
but on it looks so edgy.

And of course you want to see it on...

Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous!
& with this all in mind I have some good news.

Ive been in contact with Your Fashion Jewellery and they have given me the opportunity to give away a £10 voucher to spend on any item of your choice.
That means £10 towards possibly:
Bracelets. Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, Broaches, Watches, Scarfs, handbags, & Hair Accessories

Get my drift!

So for entry of this vouchers make sure your:
1. Following me on twitter @AspirationsOfGl
2. Following @yfjewellery
3. Tweet: "I am entering the @yfjewellery competition at"
4. Let me know you've entered below with your Twitter name

The winner will be selected via
Please Enter by 26th November
The winner will be announced 30th November

GO Ahead have a look at:

Best of luck ladies!


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  2. I dont have twitter, does this mean i cant enter?

    Holli x

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  4. Oh my goodness this elephant necklace is gorgeous! I love it. :)

    xx Jessica

  5. Oh my god, that elephant necklace is gorgeous, reminds of art work I did years back in GCSE art! It's gorgeous! :D

    I am following you on twitter obvs ;) & I followed them this morning :) @Lucyylouise & now tweeted.
    Lucy x

  6. I'm following as @BethQuahSooJing
    Tweet URL as shown:

  7. nice blog!follow us if u like our blog and we will follow you!:)

  8. Such a great giveaway...just tweeted!/BeckysMABBlogs/status/137236816653856768 already a follower of you yet also followed @yfjewellery
    Twitter name - @beckysMABBlogs
    email -

  9. that ring is awesome, I need that in my life X

  10. Hello :-)
    I just tweeted:!/Steph_Bxo/status/137932903442165760

    Twitter: Steph_Bxo (just incase!)


  11. Wow such gorgeous pieces!
    Thanks for the giveaway :)
    I have Tweeted and followed as needed, my Twitter name is @rachel___4


  12. Hi.
    GFC: Costin Daniela
    Twitter of both: @DanyelaCostin