Thursday, 6 October 2011

OOTD Blazing it up...and a potential miracle hair product.

Hello there!
Today Ive been to university and am off to work shortly...its seriously all go go go this week!
I feel that a blazer can sometimes have the same effect as a red lipstick.... in it has this way of creating a
"Ive made an effort" statement when really all you've done is pop it on.

Introducing my H&M blazer, I picked it up about 2 months ago. Its a really nice neutral olive colour and goes well with pretty much anything.
Major trouble looking at the camera today haha! 
No hands on hips though hurrah!!

Blazer: H&M
Same Same Vest: Thailand
Jeggings: ASOS
Watch Micheal Kors
Bracelet: Pandora
Little turtle necklace: Topshop

I think most ladies spend the majority of their time growing their hair right?
Well Ive had a conversation with a guy who had been using this product
You may have seen it advertised as "Germany's no 1 selling men's hair product"
Its designed for men with hair loss and the caffeine supposedly stimulates the hair follicles to prevent hair loss and stimulate growth.
A friend of mine has commented that instead of getting his hair cut monthly its now changed to every 2 weeks.
See where I'm going with this...?
I think I may have to take it upon myself to test this product. OK its for men with hair loss, but if it can get my hair to grow any faster Id be thrilled!

Any ladies had a try of this?


  1. The shampoo definitely sounds interesting! Definitely worth a try- I'm usually always dubious of any kind of hair growth products x

  2. love the blazer.i have always loved them.they look gorgeous on everybody.
    have a nice day. :)

  3. I really like your hair, it looks so healthy!

  4. Saw that for sale in Boots the other day, was tempted but couldn't quite bring myself to buy it! Do say how it works out xx

  5. That shampoo sounds great, I want my hair to be another few inches still. You look great :)
    Lucy x

  6. I lurveee the simple yet effective look. yes the hair does look gorgeous!! Caffeine Shampoo?? lol

  7. Interested to see how the shampoo works for you, I've been trying to grow mine for ages :( Let us know!! Love the blazer bdw, hope you're well darling xx

  8. ooh! that's really interesting. I'm glad it worked for you! :)

    love, polly

  9. ohhh i adore the cute :) xx

  10. LOVE the blazer & yeah it definitely makes it instantly look like you've made an effort! I have been trying to grow my hair for ages now & it's driving me crazzzzy, so this could be my answer!!! I'm gonna go out and get one later :) xxxx

  11. Just been browsing your blog and happened upon this post. Love the outfit, just like to say that I've been using Alpecin, not only does it not dry my hair out but it gives a nice clean. Maybe it's grown a bit, but the best part is that instead of finding my long curls wrapped round everything, I NEVER do anymore. If I brush my hand through my hair, NONE comes out - this might sound weird but about 5 hairs would everytime before, so yeah, I'm impressed.

    Worth a try!