Wednesday, 5 October 2011

I Want To Tell You About My Summer. Thailand 2011.

Hello there.
I know that majority of you are back in school/college/sixth form/uni
OR your in full time work-big respect to you ladies!
Ive only just got back to uni yesterday....and boy oh boy Ive got lots to do this year!

As this time is coming around I have been very reflective of the summer.
To put it into perspective my summer started May 27th so I have been very fortunate to have so long off.

My summer has whole heartedly been the best, Summer 2011 is really going to take some beating next year!

Here are some of the things I did:
Travelled Thailand for 5 weeks with one of my best friends
Worked with children with disabilities playing over the summer in different areas all over the county.
V Festival with my girly mates

Im gonna show all of my experience of Thailand. One of the best things I have ever done so be ready for many pics!
 Phi Phi Island:

Maya Bay- "The beach" Beach

Ko Tao

Ko Phangnan

These are few from 5 weeks worth of pictures
In my trip I travelled with a girly friend of mine, but there were other friends from home in Thailand at the same time that we did meet up with.

We Visited
Ko Tao
Ko Phangnan
Ko Phi Phi

We met so many interesting people and experienced so many things. We mainly lived in shacks and huts which were very inexpensive and ate well always! The trip strengthened my relationship with myself and my friend. It is one of the best things Ive ever done and if you ever have a little urge to go travelling I highly recommend Thailand!


  1. WOW!!
    It looks like you had an amazing time. How cute is the monkey xx

  2. Wow! That looks amazing, I'm glad you had a great summer! That will definitely be hard to beat next year, lovely post! :) x


  3. Looks amazing and sounds like you had a smashing time! xx

  4. looks amazing!!! How fun!
    xo Jenn

  5. Awesome pictures. Looks like you had a fantastic trip! I can't imagine being in Thailand. I haven't even been to that side of the world, but hopefully someday I'll get the chance. I did live in England for four months though! ;)

    xx Jessica

  6. It looks so tranquil there!
    My dad spends pretty much half the year, every year in Thailand (in fact he's there as I speak, I think he stays in Ko Samui? Or however you spell it!), alright for those self employed eh!
    I really wanna go someday!

  7. It seems so peaceful. I love the color of the water. I would habe loved to help with the children that is a very big passion of mine to help the disadvantage childern, I so admire you for that! Im so happy for you to be able to have this summer.
    sending lots of love, KlassicKarmin

  8. omg the little monkey grabbing your leg is so cute!!!It seems that you had a lot of fun over there!
    Come visit my blog and if you like it then maybe we can follow each other?

  9. This looks absolutely fantastic! So much fun! Stuff that you'll prob never get to do anywhere else, like get that close to an elephant and a monkey just casually walking down the street lol! x

  10. I went to Thailand a couple of years ago to visit some friends out there - it really is an amazing country... and wow Maya Bay truly is incredible!!

  11. Ooooh!!
    Isn't Phiphi just gorgeous!!! I went the other way round though... BKK, Phuket and Phiphi.... Your pictures are heavenly!!

  12. Waauw, beautiful vacation! I'm jealous haha.

    xoxo Floortje

  13. gorgeous pictures and that little monkey is so cute x

  14. great pics:)so cool with the monkey:)
    kisses La Folie