Monday, 3 October 2011

ASOS lusting The Goodie and the baddie dress!

Hello bloggers!
I have mentioned previously that Ive had a very on off relationship with ASOS of recent.
The reasons for this are:
1. I think all of their stuff is much more overpriced than it used to be-there are cheaper and equally stylish alternatives about at the moment.
2. I don't have my student card....YET! discount cough cough
3. Ive not been grabbed by anything too much lately.
ASOS to me however is like that friend/sibling that irritates you but no matter what happens you will always make up..and go back to them. 
I'm actually just weirded out Ive personified a company...strange.

I have seen 2 dresses I do like at the moment so I thought Id post them as a kinda self reminder and to also write a little about lace. Lace is defiantly on its way back and for some reason I didn't bother engaging in this trend last year. At the time I thought the dresses although nice were all a bit samey. ASOS has really mixed it up this season hence the choices. Weirdly my two choices contrasting colours:
Image Ref: ASOS
This is my goodie choice.
The sleeves on this dress are very Kate Middleton-esque.
The only problem I have with this is a "nude" dress as its listed has a small shelf life round this time of year. As the weeks roll by its standard for clothes to be darker...way to stand out though.
I really like the uniqueness of the dress shape I think its super feminine but carries an edge.
...incase your not the goodie sort this is also available on black ;)

Image Ref: ASOS
This is my baddie dress- a dress for some bad ass behaviour!
I love how this is a high neck design-this is all over the place at the moment featuring in shift and skater dresses alike all over current fashion trends. I love the cheeky flash of flesh and its in an area your not likely to have any bulges lurking. Again this dress has full length sleeves and I believe has a much longer sustainability being black and all. Every girl needs a collection of LBDs right!?

What are you currently lusting after?

 In Other News:
Forget wit charm and intelligence, I am on a one woman quest to let my cupcakes take over the world! I am getting much better at piping now!...the only problem is I think I may turn into a cupcake at this rate.

These are some raspberry flavoured beauties

Back to uni tomorrow. Im only in two days this week and I feel a bit of a fraud!

Enjoy your week.


  1. LOL! I totally agree with you about Asos. But I just can't stop shopping their site! No taxes, no shippping fees, tons of options to choose from, etc. All I've been doing lately is stalking the sales, lol. But that baddie dress is the bizness!!! Loves it!

  2. cupcake skills! and I love that black dress with the cheeky sheer panels and high neckline

  3. love the first dress.
    have a nice day. :)

  4. Love the baddie dress waaay more, i don't know what that says about me ;)

  5. Oh god, these two are gorgeous, i need both!
    Lucy x

  6. Nice dresses!

  7. I completely agree that you are going to turn into a big cupcake one day! Those do look delicious though! I agree about the ASOS prices! That black one is lovely though!

  8. that white dress is seriously to die for! I want that!
    xo Jenn

  9. hi ..i was followed you. please come

  10. @fashionpad I thought the prices would reform me from spending there but like any addict I just can't help myself!!

    @Lara like the way you put it..cheeky side panels thank you I have been practising lots.
    @kuiskuku thank you glad you like my choices :)

    @Angiebeautybelle haha it's a super hot number it certainly proves you have style ;)

    @lucylou I'm glad you understand my predicament lol.

    @t they are arent they!

    @makeupthenight very annoying I bought from asos years back and it used to be a cheaper brand. they are very tempting though!

    @jenn totally agree

    @Drummer thank you for the follow :)

    thanks for your comments ladies :) :) xxx Liz xxx

    XX Sandrine

  12. Love the dresses you picked, and omg, I want one of those cupcakes!! xx

  13. @Misseblog Ha I wish I could send one for your way to Ireland! xxxx

  14. I am like that with ASOS too atm I haven't bought anything from there in ages, and if I did I didn't keep it :/. Anywhoo those cupcakes are amazing!