Saturday, 1 October 2011

Lydia Bright TOWIE- Steal Her Style!

Hello! Firstly thank you for all your fabulous support for my first YT post.
I was a little scared uploading and unleashing my northern accent on you all!
I am FINALLY back to uni on Tuesday. Feels likes Ive been off forever!

You know when your kicking back watching TV and every so often you have a "I know where that's from!" moment. Well this is what overcame me whilst watching the new 3rd series (I think) of the Only Is Essex.
For those that have never heard of The Only Way Is Essex think the Hills but English and with dollops of fake tan mixed with a hint of Jersey Shore attitude and cheek and you've got TOWIE.

I really like Lydia Bright and I also like her style.
Firstly she is a red lippe queen, and I love my lippe
Image Ref: Daily Mail

It is becoming increasingly obvious that Lydia is becoming a style icon in her own right. Her outfits tend to be very sophisticated, ALWAYS in heels and she dresses in a very feminine way. Shes even been seen in the same outfits as Kate Middleton.
On the first episode third series Lydia was wearing what appeared to be some wet look leggings, a long tweed style  blazer with brown leather detailing and brown boots. Lydia tends to wear a lot of blazer-styled outfits in her public appearances and TOWIE show, this adds to her sophisticated look as a whole.
Her top however is an embellished number from Miss Selfridge and is still in stock here. I have mentioned in Older posts I am a sucker for embellishment and this top meets that criteria perfectly.
 Image Ref: ITV2
Her look is spot on here, its ideal for A/W and with the blazer as an addition has that quintessential English look going on.

I really admire Lydia for using this as a daytime piece. Personally when I first saw it my immediate reaction was it would be for a night out. But Lydia certainly challenges this. Shes taken a sheer item and dressed it in a way that is perfectly acceptable for daytime.
The detailing on this top is unquestionably ornate and beautiful
and when I first saw it I envisioned Indian Princess...we can all dream eh!

Who's style would you like to steal from TOWIE?
Wishing you a brilliant weekend!....TOWIE on Sunday :) !


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  2. Lydia is by far the most stylish TOWIE girl! x

  3. Loved this post :) She has great style xx

  4. I loveee Lydia! But i think Sam is my favourite. The top is gorgeous!! Sorry im so late but i loved the video post! Your accent is adorable by the way! The gloss and lipstick look soo nice. and i love the nail colour. the concealer looks fab too!

  5. That top is so nice!!! That's a really good idea! I have a sheer top and it looks amazing but is just too much to be worn during the day...I'll try it with a blazer too!


  6. I adore Lydia, she has to be my favourite, and she certainly does have the best style in TOWIE!! x

  7. Lydias my favourite towie girl by far! She reminds me a little of Maisy from big brother (who was also on towie) who i'm rooting for this year.
    And the top is stunning! The detailing on it is so gorgeous.

  8. Love the sequined top! :) Don't watch TOWIE, maybe I should?! ha :)


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    -MIA XO

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