Thursday, 15 September 2011

My denim shorts have a cheeky secret...a tutorial

Hello ladies!
So for today's OOTD its just very relaxed.
Its that's time of the year where denim shorts are only really acceptable (in the UK anyway)
with tights or leggings for daytime, I'm not sure when this unwritten rule materialises but I'm sure its due to the chill in the September air..brrr.

Whilst trawling the BooHoo website.. some lovely stuff on there!
I have stumbled upon this look
(ref: BooHoo)
What a cute  yet edgy little look. I think its brilliant for A/W.
Weirdly enough I have a on a similar ensemble on myself!
These are my favourite shorts.
Before travelling Thailand for 5 weeks the end of last May I was a little strapped for cash.
So rather than buy some new denim shorts I created my own from some old jeans....I wore them none stop!!

I'm sure all of you bloggers have old jeans lying about. Being 5"8 I find that jeans shrink and become too short for me. This usually means lots of jeans to only wear with boots....ridiculous really.

These shorts were a pair of former boot cut River Island jeans that I wore all the time in sixth form (this was nearly 5 years ago) I was never really going to properly wear them again so it was time to revive them.
Advantages of former jeans shorts:
They've been nicely worn in- so are super comfy. I find brand new shorts really T-I-G-H-T!
...this ultimately leads to a hot bum. Not good during the brief British summer weather.
Completely customisable- without leggings I have cut them so the pockets hang out- I really like this look.
The more you wash them the more rugged they look
How To
1. Put your old jeans on. Have a look for what sort of length you want and make a little mark with a pen.
2. Cut roughly along your marking. Remember its easier to take more off so be cautious don't go crazy with the scissors!
3. Try them on. Check the front and back, mark if you want anymore off. Think about what sort of look you are trying to achieve.
4. Repeat 1,2 and if necessary.
5. Depending on what sort of look you want you can rub your scissor blade along your new shorts. This will rough them up again...or a cheese grater will seriously.
6. Pull the bottom threads to add to the distressed look.
7. Put them in the wash- this will loosen the bottom of the shorts and distress them further.

Voila! You now have your on pair of cheeky shorts! :)
 What I'm wearing:
Top: Topshop
Shorts: River Island
Leggings: Primark
If anyone has a go at this Id love to see the results!

In Other News:
I purchased some leopard print leggings from ebay and they've arrived :) Looking forward to experimenting with those little babies for daytime/evening looks!
I have been hitting it hard on the exercise front..and am extremely achy as a result
Pay day tomorrow followed by my birthday. Should be a fab weekend!

Hope you are all well and enjoying your week.


  1. Love the simplicity of this outfit. The shorts pairs well with the leggings. We are now following you. check us out when you have a chance:-)


  2. Love the outfit, I've done this with so many jeans haha. Hope you have a fab weekend darling, Happy early Bday :) xx

  3. They look really cute.

    I tell you what, I LOVE your background on this blog. So sweet :)

    Thanks for following my blog!

    Sarah Betty xx

  4. I'm thinking of cutting up some of my old jeans, because they're never going to be worn how they are now, so i'll try and keep you updated! your's have turned out great though.

    lovely blog x

  5. Absolute staple item, couldn't agree with you more.

    Helen, x

  6. Those are hot! Can't wait to see your leopard print leggings!!! <3

  7. I haven't done this with any jeans yet, but I have so many unworn ones just laying in my closet. I have to try it thanks for inspiring me:)
    much love from a new follower!<3

  8. Love your outfits... I`ll follow you now =)


  9. Love the shorts!

    please follow meee! and comment! :D


  10. OHMIGOSH!...just realised I havent replied to any of these yet...sorry ladies!

    @ 4-Lexi-Thank you. I am very much a simple outfit kinda girl. Its so comfy too.

    @ Misseblog-aw your the sweetest!

    @Sarahbetty-thank you its actually a template one, I really havent been too adventerous!

    @michelle x -Id love to see how they turn out, best of luck!

    @areyoudressingupordressingdown- thank you very much!

    @A.Pink- oh you wont believe! I got them over the weekend and they split!! bit of repair work dont any their ready to rock! do <3 them!

    @BeautyChokes- if you have a go keep me informed :) I think we all hold onto jeans cause they cost so much initially!

    @Michelle's style file- thank you very much :)

    @J-Kim- many thanks!

    @Vintage Couture- thank you for your comment

    Thank you for your support ladies, appriciated as ever! Liz xxxx