Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Redding up the daytime-OOTD

Hello bloggers!
Just a very short post for today
I had one of those FAIL moments today. Was taking some pics (or planned to) before I left the house and my camera died....oh man.

Here's my only pic of my OOTD:

You know what. 
Its only through blogging I have realised I have my hand on my hips ALL THE FRIGIGN TIME
need a new pose. I think this is derived from those night out pics.
**must make arms look slender...must breathe in** I think that's where the standard pose has come from!...I shall in future try to mix it up a little more.

.....Right you want to know about the clothes...onto the clothes!

Cardigan: Recent primark purchase. It is a lovely knit with gold buttons and we all know how I love gold. Think goldfinger but less Swedish...or hairy...hmm maybe goldfinger was a bad example.
Top: River Island. Its a kinda waterfall top but Ive tucked it in.
High waisted shorts: New look. I discovered these babies later in summer, they may well be knocking about some of the stores still.
Necklace: Primark, I featured this is a recent haul here
Watch: Michael Kors
I do have leggings on here but my wonderful picture has chopped my legs off!
Hair: Looking a little wilder than usual. Just tossed and dosed with a little serum.

This look is all about looking like you've made an effort but in actuality you've slapped some clothes on. The red really makes the outfit and I love marrying the gold buttons with gold jewellery. Red is really taking over this season.

Wishing you all a good week, were nearly halfway!

In Other News
Today (or as I write less than an hour) is my 2 month blog anniversary.
I have already tweeted about this on @AspirationsOfGl but thank you subscribers or even those of you who just popped on to have a nosey and see what this is all about. I have had some overwhelming support and I am grateful for your feedback and views. I plan to do a giveaway soon to show my appreciation!


  1. Happy Bloggaversary!

  2. Lovely outfit! I tend to pose with my hands on my hips to hihi!(:

  3. I have this necklace! Love it but sadly mine got all tangled in the bag...sob sob. X

  4. two months! wow-mine's been going for not even two weeks. I really like yours - and I really like your gold jewellery in this post too!

  5. Awesome cardigan, I love red. And I really love the way your hair is! :)

  6. Great outfit :)
    Check out my blog if you want ;)


  7. Happy blogiversay? haha I love your hair! So pretty.


  8. happy 2 months blog anniversary <33 and your cardigan looks cute =3

  9. you still look awesome!


  10. Thanks for your comment and for following me! I'm following you too :)


  11. Thank you for your lovely comments ladies :):) Liz xxxxx