Tuesday, 13 September 2011

HD Brows- My experience

I'm sure some of you ladies out there are a little eyebrows obsessed like me.
Some obsess about their nails, they must be perfect
Others their eye makeup- cant leave the house without it
My obsession is my eyebrows

They must be neat well kept and structured.
To maintain this usually means a little plucking here and there and a 4/6 week wax with a little filling in as part of my daily make up routine.

So when I saw this HD malarky I was instantly intrigued. 
Was this the way to eyebrow heaven?
Getting there was tough. I left my eyebrows for 4 weeks.
This was incredibly hard!! I had to try not look at my brows whilst driving
...damn you magnified mirror.

If you want detailed information on HD brows I advise you watch this:

My Account
I entered the salon and the beauty therapist discussed what type of look I wanted. I explained I like the defined look. She was full of enthusiasm and explained that HD brows have really taken off the last few months.
She applied tint to my brows. (a patch test is required) and after that settling she applied wax to the top, bottom and sides of my brows. Unlike the video above there was no threading. I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad about this, threading looks painful.
After the shaping process my eyebrows were filled in with (and I don't get this bit..) BLACK eyeliner pencil. Of course lying on a bed I didn't realise this bit until later...
 My new HD brows were revealed.....Que before & after

I was very happy with the shape but I did think they were a little dark! At home I took the liner off and applied my usual Stila eyebrow shadow so they were less fierce.
thats better!

So whats next....?
I have been advised to leave them now for 6 weeks...the process will be repeated and then it will be a question of maintenance more than anything.
The process cost me £25 thats £19 more than my usual wax! I am however very happy with the results!

Have any of you ladies tried HD brows?
positive/negative results?

Thank you for reading!
All comments are received gratefully!


  1. Really want to get mine done (I have developed a lil bald patch in my eyebrow for some reason!) I agree, they did look a little OTT, but they look really nice hun :)
    -Aimee- x

  2. They look so good!
    Would love it if you could take part in my midweek challenge...?

  3. Wow they look amazing :) I've heard a few things about this, my eyebrows drive me mad. I really like my left one, but my right one looks completely different and doesn't grow enough for me to reshape it :/ I seriously see it everyday and it kills me haha xx

  4. looks great! xo


  5. @ Aimee they are pretty good at advising you at filling them in, may still be worth checking out! Still adjusting! haha.

    @Lucy Yess! I need to get round to this, its a fabulous idea.

    @Cee Harvey thank you :)

    @Misseblog I have exactly the same problem. Along with long hairs! they drive me mad!

    @ Jenn - thanks :)

    Thank you for your comments laydees!
    Liz xxx

  6. They look very nice, bit pricey though!


  7. @ Alexandra- I do agree with you, I certainly wont be paying that amount and having them done every month. I want to get a good shape then they should me more manageable. I admire your honesty! xx

  8. I really want to try to this, but the price is quite a fair bit, for mine to get waxed it just costs £6 :)

    Lucy x

  9. Is this something you would spend your money on again? And would you say it was worth it? Anyone can dye their brows and get them waxed, for cheaper too, but is this experience special? xx