Sunday, 25 September 2011

Stack em up!

Hello ladies...ITS FRIDAY...pheww!

I saw this image featured on a blog I follow.
I read a lot of blogs so I cant possibly comment who's (feel free to claim if poss)
But about a month ago they posted this image as inspiration and it really stuck with me:
reference: Google Images (treschicmama)

This is a heavily tipped trend at the moment!
What really sticks out for me is the gold- I am a personified magpie
and the beautiful geometric shapes of the bracelets.
With this is mind and for your benefit only I searched online to reveal some suggestions for stacking.
This is what I found:





Beautiful selection. Some especially the ASOS picks are on sale so if you do fancy them I reccommend you check those out!

Have a wonderful weekend my fabulous followers!- I'm currently posting this from work having wrote it last night so I will write feedback to your lovely comments from my last post as soon as I'm next available.
I'm away this weekend in Liverpool -hurrah!

Laters ladies!


  1. Love this! Have been looking for cute bracelets like these for ages. I really like your blog, it's fab! Your writing style is great.

    If you get a chance, I'd love for you to take a look at my blog xx

  2. I really love stacking my bracelets & rings as well! These ones look amazing makes wanna go jewelry shopping again:)

  3. Great shopping list. x

  4. Thats so nice! I love big chunky bracelets! xx

  5. number 2 is so fab! i love the picture its so pretty and inspirational :)

  6. I want all of them I am a magpie especially when it comes to gold!

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog!
    now following back :]

    I find this trend soo cute but I can't see myself pulling it off lol

  8. Love this trend!! Really want to spend lots of money now tho :S
    Found you thru Nykkis blog hop btw :D

  9. so many bangles =D

    don't forget to join my CIRCLE LENS GIVEAWAY , thank you ^^

  10. omg, want them all~ look so cool and glam XD