Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Lady In Red

So Ive never bought anything form Missguided before. I am an Asos girl. I have been somewhat uninspired by their dress range at the moment. Seems to be overpriced and not particularly different to all the other things out there.

When I came across this little number I instantly fell for it. I love backless dresses and its gathered waistband gives it a classic look. 
Skater dresses are very much in fashion but the skirt falls in a structured manner and is super feminine.

As a student I want my wardrobe to be versatile so those weeks when my bank balance is looking a little poorly I can grab something timeless. Something that will make me look and feel glamorous more than once.

I ordered the dress Saturday and it arrived the following Monday..I was very impressed!!

Right...on to the dress!
Dress teamed with my new Dupe leopard shoe boots
-they are probably the best shoe bargain Ive ever bought!
I am thrilled with them but they are bloomin' high!
-the calf muscles got a right work out during the evening
The dress is very classic looking. But its the back that sold it for me..!
Ive not worn red in so long but I have completely fallen for this dress.

In Other news:
Races dress for the weekend has finally been chosen!- pictures to follow
Gym sessions going well this week, however I did eat my body weight in food at Chiquitos last night
Decided I need a new coat & Uggs for the winter...the search begins..!
My birthday in just over a week :)
What dresses are you loving at the moment?
Have you bought from Missguided before?

Hope you all enjoyed my guest blog entry yesterday, many thanks @LucyLouise


  1. What a gorgeous dress, I love it :)

    Love Christine ♥

  2. Is your hair naturally like this or you curl them or something?
    everyone please check out my beauty blog.I'd appreciate that very much. :)

  3. You look gorgeous lovely :)
    Lucy x

  4. Super gorgeous dress!!! Love the back and flared skirt. I've been looking for a LBD in this particular style. You look great in it as well :-)

    Twitter - @fashionpad

  5. you look gorgeous !

    please check out the HUGEEE beauty giveaway that im having which ends in about a week, so please stop by and get your entries in :)


  6. Gorgeous dress it looks amazing on :) I love ASOS, but haven't seen anything that I really want this season dress wise! Topshop have got some nice ones in atm and I love Motel Rocks X

  7. loved missguided for years! it's such a good shop and the people behind it are a lovely brand :)
    your dress looks gorgeous on you! it's such a nice colour :)


  8. Hello ladies, thank you for your lovely comments. Your support and kind words have brought a big smile to my face :D love that you are enjoying my blog.

    @Kukiskuku This pariticular day I was working all day previous to going out so had my hair in plait when it was damp. What you see is what it looked like when I took it out :) xx

    @FashionPad Many thanks :) there are a lot of gorgeous colours but im not sure about black. Can never own too many LBDs! xx

    @Suzie Makes You Up- Thank you :) I have entered already, never seen anyting on that scale, incredible!

    @Rose petals I have checked out Topshop on your reccomendation. Saw a lovely potential birthday dress. Thank you for the suggestion!

    @Becca I cant believe the prices and quality are brilliant. Definatly will revisit.

    Thank you very much ladies :) :)
    Liz xxx

  9. when i came across missguided i had to ask where it had been all my life! i also got the most gorgeous red dress from there and some killer shoe boots. such an awesome website! Xx

  10. @ I'm Char - this describes perfectly how I am feeling, its payday soon-very dangerous time!!

    @Nikkay- Thank you for your lovely comment :)


  11. really cute outfit!

  12. love red teamed with leopard print!
    you look amazing

    Serendipity Style Blog