Friday, 9 September 2011

Ive been TAGGED!

Firstly can I thank you all for your overwhelming support. I have had such lovely comments from Followers. Can I let you know that all comments are appreciated and that you take the time to view my blog is a huge kick for me. Your recommendations are always welcome
Thank You Thank You Thank You!

I got tagged by Pretty Visions and as I'm relatively new I thought it'd be good to tell you a little about myself. Thanks again Zara :)

Here goes..
1.What are your favourite type of blogposts to write?
I like doing OOTD/OOTN posts they don't take too long to write, I aim to write more review posts in the future too.

2.What are your favourite blogs to read?
I like to read FashionTrain, Misseblog, LucyWrites, BuyNowBlogLater, MakeupSavvy

3.How did u pick your user name?
Its quite silly really. Some of my friends tell me I am glamorous. I don't think I am particularly but I certainly aspire to be! I checked the user name and it was mine..hurrah!

4. Which beauty blogger is your inspiration?
I want to be cool as and sophisticated as Laura from buy now blog later. She seriously is the shizz!
5.Name one tip you learned through another beauty blogger?
Just because everyone is raving about a product does not mean it is always for you. Be adventurous and try things that others don't. Be open-minded and always be yourself

6.What made you make a blog
I have read blogs and watched YouTube videos for so long. I just wanted to have a go myself. I enjoy writing, photo editing and http and of course fashion and makeup. This allows me to express myself marrying together all my passions :)
7.Do you have a favourite blogpost of yours?
Currently Laura's buy now blog later Miu miu bag jealous!!

8.Name one pro and one con of being a beauty blogger?
I am a newbie so its all positive for me at the moment but I do occasionally see negative tweets. Bloggers being two faced etc but I have not experienced any of this myself.

9.What advice would would you give someone dealing with hate?
The fact they waste their energy on something negative means that they really must not be fulfilled in their lives- ignore them!

10. How long does it take you to write a blogpost?
Depends, not too long though max 30/40 minutes.

11. What other blogs apart from beauty do you like to read ?
Fashion and vintage.

12.Who have you made friends with through blogging?
I am in contact with @LucyLouise a lot! This is purely coincidental but shes been a great support and is a great girl.

13. How do you get the ideas for blogposts?
Usually from what I'm wearing or what I'm using/buying.

14. Who do you tag ?
I tag:

and if you're reading this and I haven't mentioned your name above, I tag YOU too.
Have a Lovely weekend!

Im off to the races tomorrow :)

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  1. Loved reading this, so glad you did the tag. Thank you! :)