Friday, 26 August 2011

Topshop Leopard print boot dupe...we all love a cheat!

Went to the doctors today and I was right...I have tonsillitis. Two months of working like a mad woman followed by a weekend on festival frolics has finally caught up with me :( Time to resttttt.
So to comfort myself I couldn't resist a bit of retail-therapy....always works! I was meandering along the Topshop website when I came across these babies...

Ok so their a little spice-girl Esq. But theres leopard EVERYWHERE for A/W. I'm thinking animal up a LBD accompanied with a leopard handbag. But for £80 Topshop can whistle. This is when I got my investigative hat on and found some very similar to these for substantially less.
Que Ebay shoe boots for £20.19!! Link The thing is at 21 years of age I cant say on a night out I take particular care of my shoes, nor do I think I would wear these enough to get proper wear out of them. So I think these are a perfect alternative. I am eagerly awaiting their arrival.

Next on the shoe-shopping list....sparkly shoes <3

Has anyone ever bought heels from ebay?
Any triumphs/failures?



  1. They are fab, who doesn't need a bit of spice girl in their life ;) xx

  2. They're cute! :p
    Lucy x